December 19,2009

Hollywood's Biggest Talent Agent to Sue Irish iPhone App Developer

By CSC staff, Shanghai

Ari Emanuel, of WME fame, announced he intends to sue FactorySix in relation to their first iPhone game, SuperAgent, yet to be ten days old.


Emanuel, whose clients at WME include Martin Scorsese, Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg, is claiming the game infringes on his rights and the game's main character clearly is a "reference to Mr. Emanuel, the co-Chief Executive Officer of WME, one of the world's premiere talent agencies". Emanuel's lawyers are supporting their claim by referring to a disputed quote by Oisin Hanrahan, FactorySix co-founder, in an unpublished article for TechNews. In the unpublished article Emanuel's lawyers allege Hanrahan likened playing the game to being Ari Emanuel.


Oisin Hanrahan, co-founder at FactorySix challenges the claim, "This game is based on Hollywood, not one very important person in Hollywood, and simply because Mr. Emanuel identifies with the lead character does not mean it is based on him. We are taking it as complement that we got the game so close to being real".


Rick Larkin, co-founder at FactorySix continued, "We refute the claim by Mr. Emanuel's and WME's lawyers that we are using their names in trying to promote the game.  We cannot find any record of an outlet called TechNews and have yet to receive a copy of the report."  He added "We've written back to them to try and clear it up.  We've also offered a free copy of the game in case Mr. Emanuel or his colleagues at WME would like to try playing it, its a lot of fun!".


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