May 12,2009

China Mobile's OPhone Launched Soon, Targeting iPhone

By CSC staff, Shanghai
China Mobile recently revealed details of its new OPhone, based on its own operation system and the main page of its final version. A China Mobile insider revealed yesterday that the company would launch OPhone in May, probably before May 17, World Telecommunications Day.

OPhone mainly supports TD-SCDMA network, but can also support GSM network and LTE-based 4G network.
China Mobile services, including search services both inside the phone and over the Internet, will be preinstalled in OPhone. The OPhone also supports cell phone television, so users can watch TV programs wherever they are at any time.

There is little doubt that OPhone is designed to compete with iPhone. China Mobile insiders say the company hopes OPhone, as the cell phone platform based on China Mobile, will excel iPhone and other units developed by producers in product diversity, performance, and price.

Negotiations on ushering iPhone into China between China Mobile and Apple broke down because neither company wished to cede control, particularly of the AppStore.


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