August 19,2009

Can a Chinese Journalist Treat an Indian Young Man Beijing Roasted Duck ?

By CSC staff, Shanghai

One month ago, Mr. Chen Xiaochen, a journalist of international affairs with China Business News, wrote "Illusion of China's Attack on India Before 2012" for responding Mr. Bharat Verma, editor of Indian Defense Review predicting that China will attack India before 2012.


Comments on Mr. Chen's article exploded, some reasonable and some emotional. Sushant Bharti, a young man living in New Delhi planning to visit China next summer, was so worried about the tension-building on the border disputes between China and India in southern Tibet area that he sees the cloud of World War III between the two most populous nuclear powers. With "a mere thought of that (war) sent chills down my spine", Mr. Bharti could not help writing a letter the editor of this newspaper. The letter was passed to Mr. Chen, who wrote back quickly. Mr. Chen is confident that if the "high levels" of the two countries manage the border issue well, the possibility of a war is zero, and he is offering to treat Mr. Bharti Beijing Roasted Duck in Beijing.





I read an article on your website titled "ILLUSION OF CHINA'S ATTACK ON INDIA BEFORE 2012" by Chen Xiaochen. Well I am an Indian citizen living in New Delhi. Prior to reading this article I somehow saw a documentary on world war 2 and was stunned by seeing the atrocities inflicted by Adolf Hitler on European people.


Reading this article made me realize that a war between China and India might be possible and a mere thought of that sent chills down my spine. I am only 23 years old and do not wish to die that young. You guys seem to be an expert on this situation and are the best with whom i can debate. Please do shed some light on the fact that why can't our two great nations leave in cooperation and build ourselves as a prosperous nation in the 21st century. I mean whenever I read any business newspaper its only China or India in it, being mentioned by the westerners.


I plan to visit China maybe next summer with my friends by rail road but my dad feels it may not be safe, not because of the adventurous journey but because he has seen the era of 1962 and feels that our relation with China have still not improved, even though the trade reports indicate that we both have sorted out our past. Then why can't our nations work towards eradicating such feelings from amongst out citizens that have haunted us time and time again. I do not know how people in China feel about this, last year I was in Amsterdam and I had friendly chat with a Chinese tourist but he was not comfortable with the view of my neighborly attitude ( oh yeah we were standing, waiting outside a public restroom at that point, and that could have been a reason ) but are the Chinese sharing the same warmth towards us we do towards them.


The idea of a conflict let alone a war is both pathetic and disgusting, then why did the Indian govt. deploy troops to the border, was it really necessary.


As an expert I want your opinion on the fact that is there any hint of smoke in the INDIAN-CHINESE relationship that smells even minutely like WAR. 











Dear Sushant,


Hi! It's Chen Xiaochen, journalist of China Business News. I've just received a letter from you via Scott Zhou, general editor of Very nice receiving it, thank you for reading my review, and perhaps I have got one more friend from India!


So my article must give you an impression about smoke? En, I'm not an expert actually, and I didn't mean that smoke. The reason for my article you read is I don't agree with Mr. Verma, a real expert at least as he claims, who thought a "war" between China and India will be with 100% possibility, while I try to argue the chance will be only 1% only under misled policy, and will be very likely 0 if the two governments manage our border well.


What I wish is exactly the same as you do: we two nations, "great elephant" and "great long(dragon)", should play together. The space for cooperation is very large. Our bilateral trade is increasing dramatically, and we can do business; our negotiators in Bonn Climate Change Talk coordinate very well in representing developing group; and, yes, as you may be planning, we can go to visit each other as tourists. Both India and China are with beautiful sights. We should have more tourism. If you come, I'd like to treat you "Beijing Roasted Duck", that's a wonderful food!


But, yes, i admit, there are problems between us. But every two nations, or two persons, have troubles. I don't believe those problems are not solvable as Mr. Verma says. In fact, I think it's true Verma is an expert in some territories like military, but experts also make mistakes, sometimes big mistakes, right?


I have some Indian friends, most of who I knew in college. There are misunderstandings due to different languages, different cultures or something, but Chinese in general would like to be friendly to anyone, including our neighbors like Indians. Perhaps the guy in Amsterdam you mention don't speak English well or are not so open? both are quite common in China. Maybe next time when you travel in China, you will find we Chinese are more introvert, not good at English or social. But still friendly, in another way.


I don't think railway is a good idea, not due to the 1962 war, but because there is not yet a direct railway from New Delhi to Beijing! Perhaps Indians, Chinese should do such a plan? A flight may be better. As for 1962 war, it's not so famous in China, a lot of ones have forgotten it or don't know it; I know it because I learned China-India history in college. Even in 1960s, according to declassified documents recently, Chinese high level guys didn't want it, because they thought the main adversary is America, then Taiwan, then Soviet. But it's a tragedy that these Chinese stupidly and blindly thought India was backed by Soviet and USA, with intention of Tibet...


Now, the lesson should be learned: we need more talks in higher level, avoiding misperceptions. And I'm happy to see the two PMs have established a hot line. In future, they may have a phone call to each other about what they think, perhaps also what they eat, anytime as they want. That's good. More army deployment, either from India side or Chinese side, is not a good news; but that's still OK if two governments manage well. And they need to improve more to make sure our border peaceful. More, the hope for future lies more in people not governments; lies in traders, investors, exchange students, migrant workers and visitors.


Sorry, I'm really not an expert; I don't know whether I've answered your questions. So just remember we both hope we two countries will cooperate peacefully and solve our troubles carefully; and remember I can treat you Chinese food if you come!


Best Yours,



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