August 01,2009

China Accelerates New Energy Strategy, Aiming at 17% of Power Supply by 2020

By CSC staff, Shanghai

China is speeding up implementation of its new energy generation strategy. The State Grid predicts that by 2020, China's installed new energy generating capacity of will reach 290 million kw, accounting for 17% of total installed power generation capacity. Of that total, the capacity of nuclear, wind, solar, and biomass power generation will reach 86 million kw, nearly 150 million kw, 20 million kw, and 30 million kw, respectively. The total investment will top 3 trillion yuan.

According to an earlier State Council plan, China's solar and wind power generation was expected to reach 0.3 million kw and 5 million kw by 2010, and 1.8 million kw and 30 kw by 2020. Nuclear power generation was by then also expected to reach 40 million kw.

However, besides biomass power, the new plan differs markedly from the old one.
According to the new plan, total installed biomass power generation capacity will reach 30 million kw in 2020, and the annual utilization of fuel alcohol and bio-diesel will reach 10 million tons and 2 million tons, respectively. So within 15 years, the annual growth of biomass power generation, fuel alcohol, and bio-diesel is expected to reach 93%, 59%, and 260%.

State Grid Deputy General Manager Shu Yinbiao says that, at the end of 2008, China's total installed generating capacity of new energy power stood at 21 million kw, accounting for 3% of the total. Of that, nuclear and solar power capacity reached 8.85 million kw and 0.14 million kw, respectively, up 113% and 40%, year on year. Biomass power generation totaled about 3 million kw.

Liang Zhipeng, director of the Department of New Energy of the National Energy Administration, said photovoltaic generators are still in development, and that manufacturers were not fully prepared for machines producing more than 100,000 kw. In the near future, the scale of photovoltaic power stations will be between 10,000 kw to 30,000 kw.

The government will continue to promote the construction of large wind power projects. Several bases with over one million kw capacity are been planned.

In fact, currently there are six wind power bases with over 10 million kw of capacity in Jiuquan, Hami, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, and Jilin, and the wind power base in the sea off Zhejiang Province.


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