June 03,2010

Online Investment in iPad and iPhone Video Games and Applications

By CSC staff,Shanghai

The video game and mobile application market is currently one of the most dynamic business sectors. The company Apps Capital has created an area on their website,

www.AppsCapital.com, where investors from all over the world can invest in the company online. Apps Capital is a company which has experienced major growth over the last few months.


Since the launch of the iPhone and the iPod Touch, 52 and 42 million devices have been sold respectively. In the first trimester of 2010, iPhone sales increased by 131%, with regards to the previous trimester. Moreover, it is predicted 6 million iPads will be sold this year, and that is only half of the sales predicted for 2011.


According to the latest business forecasts, income from mobile application sales will increase by 807% over the next four years. Currently, 86.9% of sales are made via the Apple App Store, with more than 2 billion downloads being made since its launch 22 months ago.


Apps Capital is a dynamic, young international company which develops video games and apps for the iPhone and the new iPad and that has found its niche in a sector with huge potential. It already has 25 applications belonging to its brands on sale in almost 100 countries.


Before inviting the participation of partners such as risk capital companies or large investors (or possibly being floated on the stock market), the company has decided to put 5,000 of the 100,200 shares that comprise 100% of the company up for sale. By doing so it hopes to finance new projects for Android and Facebook and to speed up the development of its current applications for Apple devices. Its main objective is clear, to become one of the largest companies in the sector and multiply its current value considerably over the next twelve months.  


Anyone, anywhere can invest in the company online by visiting their website www.appscapital.com and become part of the video game and mobile applications sector. Investors can buy shares starting at 495 US Dollars. By doing so they immediately become partners in the company and will receive, every year, the proportional part of the company's profits that corresponds to the number of shares they have bought.




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