March 14,2011

China Will Continue Its Nuclear Power Plans Despite the Explosion in Japan

By CSC staff,Shanghai

Zhang Lijun, Vice minister of Environmental Protection, said the explosion in Japan's Fukushima nuclear plan won't impact China's determination in developing nuclear power but China will learn from the explosion in Japan after the earthquake. China plans add new nuclear power generation capacity by 40mn kw by 2015 according to the 12th FYP.

The Jasmine-Revolution-led oil disruption in MENA has convinced China to explore non-oil energies, especially nuclear, but the explosion in Fukushima could persuade China to be a bit more cautious. That being said, nuclear only makes up 1% of China power output, way below Japan's 30%; and given China's vast territory, it might be easier to find places little affected by earthquakes. So China's nuclear power generation plan overall could be little affected. If there is any impact, China might have to spend more to build safer reactors.


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