March 10,2011

Gary Locke to Beijing: the Beginning of a G2 Honeymoon?

By CSC staff,Shanghai

Obama plans to name Commerce Secretary Gary Locke as US ambassador to China. Mr. Locke will become the first Chinese-American to be named to the ambassador's post in Beijing. He would also be the first sitting cabinet member to take up the job since the establishment of diplomatic relations with China in 1979.

This decision should be applauded. Mr. Locke's strong background and network in the US, familiarity of the Chinese culture and his connections with senior politicians in China could greatly improve communications and mutual-understanding of the G2. This decade could mark China's great comeback as the world's largest economy after three centuries, but the rise of powers usually bring about conflicts (or even worse), so let's hope Mr. Locke could make his contribution to a win-win between G2. Will China give face to its renowned offspring with a faster RMB appreciation, a better protection of IP and more imports from Uncle Sam? Let's wait and see.

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