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Can the United States Feed China?
US consumers might consume many made-in-China products without considering pollution in making those products, so why not Chinese consumers buying more food from the US to conserve China's nature?
Lester Brown;food supply March 14th,2011
China's Appetite for Overseas Coal Roaring in the Year of Tiger
As transportation from inland mines to the southeast coastal areas is also seriously short and coal prices are higher in domestic than in international markets, in the next few years economically developed areas in southeast China will be increasingly importing their coal.
coal February 26th,2010
Eyeing Gold Mine in Uzbekistan, Chinese Consortium Invest in AIM Quoted Oxus
Under the terms of the Financing, members of the Concert Party will make an investment in Oxus of approximately US$85 million by way of the issue of new Ordinary Shares in the company and convertible loan notes. In addition, members of the Concert Party will be granted warrants to subscribe for new Ordinary Shares in the company exercisable within five years of Admission for approximately US$20 million in return for an undertaking to arrange a further minimum of $80 million in project finance.
gold;Oxus; January 12nd,2010
Chinese Tycoon Emerges to Grab Chilean Iron Ore Mine
With yet another new round of iron ore supply negotiations around the corner, Li says: "We want to break the monopoly of the international iron ore giants."
iron ore;Li Zihao;Rixin Development January 8th,2010
SOEs May Sue Derivative Transaction Counterparties
Chinese state-owned enterprises (SOEs) suffering huge losses from fuel hedging transactions are threatening to strike back at their counterparties by taking them to Court.
derivatives,SOE,fuel transaction September 10th,2009
Government Involves Itself in SOE Fuel Derivative Defaults
"To defend the security of state-owned assets, SASAC is undertaking investigation of oil structural option transactions, and it supports enterprises to resort to legal means, minimize losses and protect their interests through negotiations, consultations, and position management, and retain the rights to take further legal action."
September 8th,2009
Steel, Aluminum Prices Plummet; Production Surpluses Growing
At the moment, most of China's steel mills are at or nearing full capacity.
August 25th,2009
Fortescue's Lower Iron Ore Price Unimpresses the Big Three
The structure of FMG's shareholders may offer some reason for its slightly more reasonable attitude towards price negotiations with CISA.
August 19th,2009
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