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PBoC Rate Hike: RMB Appreciation Will Continue
This suggests that 3Q GDP growth in 3Q and September CPI inflation-to be released this Thursday-may have also surprised to the upside.
yuan;appreciation October 20th,2010
China's Stronger Than Expected Exports: Stronger Case for renminbi Appreciation
While the Rmb has appreciated noticeably on a trade-weighted basis in recent months, due to the weak euro, the competitiveness of China's exports has not been eroded too much, as other EM economies' currencies have also strengthened synchronously.
rmb,renminbi,yuan, appreciation,euro depreciation June 10th,2010
Lame Ducks in Love
The lesson of the 1960's suggests that a fully convertible renminbi could rapidly become a major international reserve currency.
dollar;euro;renminbi;crisis;reserve currency June 4th,2010
Perfect Time for RMB/USD Rearrangement: Devaluation
Since 2003, the greatest obstacle to RMB exchange rate reform has been the expectation of unilateral appreciation of RMB against the dollar. Now would be a perfect time to respond to the wrong expectation through the devaluation of RMB against the dollar.
yuan;rmb;dollar;depreciation;appreciation;peg May 23rd,2010
Why China is Right on the Renminbi
Chinese policymakers have been waiting to see whether the recovery in the US is real. If it is, China's exports will grow more rapidly. And if its exports grow more rapidly, they can allow the renminbi to rise.
yuan appreciation;rmb;renminbi April 25th,2010
Yuan Appreciation Never More Necessary or Better for China
The Chinese government should well see by now that appreciation better serves China's economic and political interests.
yuan appreciation;protectionism;rmb March 26th,2010
In Looming Currency War, China Can No Longer Take US Business Support for Granted
US companies in China are feeling a chill on their business interests along with the political heat.
yuan appreciation;currency war;China-US March 22nd,2010
Are There Advantages to Governor Zhou Xiaochuan's Dollar-Peg Exit?
Perhaps, what Governor Zhou is really saying is that China's policy needs to shift from favoring an increase in its foreign exchange reserves to increasing the purchasing power of it currency.
yuan appreciation;Zhou Xiaochuan;PBOC;peg March 10th,2010
Yuan Appreciation Is Necessary, and Best in April
While the government's strategy has been to delay the appreciation as longer as possible, appreciation expectations for 2010 are becoming deeply rooted on the streets, where the main question concerns the timing.
Yuan;RMB;appreciation;exit strategy March 3rd,2010
PBOC Hints at More RMB Flexibility: Back to Appreciation?
RMB's USD peg has been the cause of troubles, increasing economic imbalances and bringing down international displeasure.
November 13rd,2009
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