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China's New Rich: A "Coal Boss" Pays RMB10mn for a Dog "for Fun"
This coal boss use his own money, instead of credit from banks, to buy the US$1.5mn puppy, so this ostentatious consumption may not lead to banking crisis.
wealth;China richest March 17th,2011
Gary Locke to Beijing: the Beginning of a G2 Honeymoon?
Mr. Locke will become the first Chinese-American to be named to the ambassador's post in Beijing.
G2;Gary Locke March 10th,2011
Chinese to Australia and New Zealand: Spend Money and Drink Milk
What's scarce in China? Not just iron ore. Good air, blue sky, clean water and beautiful scenes after years of pollution…and food safety.
Chinese tourist March 10th,2011
Another Failed British Experiment
But this demand for political moderation impedes the search for the radical and painful solutions that Britain needs. Little wonder, then, that currency markets are treating the likely outcome in Britain – a hung parliament, with no clear majority for any party – as a repeat of the mid-1970's, with no clear solution to the country's underlying economic problems on offer.
British election;Gordon Brown April 28th,2010
An Appeal from Wikipedia Founder, Jimmy Wales
Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet has free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That's where we're headed. And with your help, we will get there.
wiki December 24th,2009
Love/Hate Disneyland in Shanghai and China
Disneyland is fixing to erect a new theme park near the Shanghai Yangtze River estuary, which looks to be a feast for the government and developers. But nationalists, residents who can not afford housing, and the local entertainment industry in China, Hong Kong, and East Asia are vociferously protesting the entry of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck into mainland China.
Disneyland Shanghai;house market;sweatshop December 4th,2009
Can a Chinese Journalist Treat an Indian Young Man Beijing Roasted Duck ?
I don't agree with Mr. Verma, a real expert at least as he claims, who thought a "war" between China and India will be with 100% possibility, while I try to argue the chance will be only 1% only under misled policy, and will be very likely 0 if the two governments manage our border well.
August 19th,2009
Encircling the China Dragon: Option, Illusion, Delusion?
An American-led encirclement effort against China then would fail almost before it began.India once helped the Soviet Union to encircle China during 1970s. But, far from a victory, India's economy was harmed by spending too much on its army and new arms research and development, to no obvious benefit.
August 16th,2009
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