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Is China's Old Growth Model Sustainable: a Big Bull vs. a Big Bear
Whereas Lin is a "growth bull," whose model is built on constant growth rates, Qin's analysis focuses more on the issues facing the new Chinese leaders and places more importance on the private sector being the driving force in the future rather than on a "government dominated economy" from the past.
Justin Lin;Qin Xiao; China Model; growth January 25th,2013
China's First PMI in 2013: Disappointing or Intentionally Conservative for Rainy Days Coming?
Though the 50.6 NBS PMI reading is below consensus and thus could be a bit disappointing, markets won't turn bearish
PMI;China GDP;A share; HSBC PMI January 2nd,2013
CPI and PPI Inflation Fell More than Expected: Will China Stimulate More?
We think that inflation risks have been greatly allayed which could allow Beijing to be more growth friendly.
PPI,CPI,Inflation December 9th,2011
Fresh Data Suggest China on Track for a Soft Landing
mid this jittery global markets and worries on a double-dip in the US/Europe, China's activity data could deliver some support to prices of global raw materials.
soft landing;double dip September 9th,2011
Why Moody's Makes It So Wrong On China's Local Government Debt
We found a number of problems regarding the way it reached its overly
Local government debt,Moody’s July 8th,2011
Does What Premier Wen Says Contradicts What's Happening at Home?
Pessimistic market should get some confidence on both inflation and growth from Wen's FT article, but markets should still be cautious when predicting the Chinese government to change its course of tightening policy soon.
Wen Jiabao;inflation;hard landing;stagflation June 24th,2011
Japan Quake Causes Production Disruption to Chinese Manufacturers
The uncertainty from Japan's earthquake could postpone some of China's monetary tightening actions such as RRR and rate hikes on the margin.
Japan quake March 15th,2011
Japan Quake Won't Have Big Impact on China-Japan Trade
After the Kobe earthquake in January 1995, China's Japan-bound export growth surged to 65% YoY in 1Q95 from 39% in 4Q94.
Japan earthquake March 14th,2011
Zhou Xiaochuan Hints Robust Growth and Rate Hike
Zhou Xiaochuan, the PBoC governor, just said interest rate is an important policy tool which needs to be highlighted.
Zhou Xiaochuan;rate hike March 11st,2011
China's Feb Inflation Surprises Market, More Tightening?
CPI inflation will most likely rebound to around 5.5% YoY in March.
inflation,FAI,IP,PPI,exports March 11st,2011
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