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Advice to Li Shufu: Don't Try to Free Ride Geely on Volvo Too Soon
This marriage brings a great deal of uncertainty to the brand. Li Shufu needs to persuade Volvo's loyalists and potential drivers that he and his team are capable of cherishing all values from this particular image: cutting-edge R&D, especially in safety technology, luxury design, and driving experience. Being very European, certainly not Chinese.
Li Shufu;Geely;Volvo March 29th,2010
China and HK M&A: Strong 2009, Stronger 2010
With Corporate China's hunger for oil/gas and resources, cash-rich balance sheet, as well as its domestic consolidation and outbound investment, the M&A was up 6.5% in China and Hong Kong in 2009 despite the downturn in global M&A activities. And 2010 will keep the aggressive momentum given Chinese government's determination to restructure its industries and economy.
China M&A;HK M&A January 15th,2010
Morgan Stanley's CICC Stake: What's It Worth and Who Will Get It?
With China's economy well on the path of recovery and Chinese companies investing overseas and listing both on the A-share and overseas markets, MS is expecting a high valuation.
November 10th,2009
SOEs Reaping Fine Overseas Investment Profits
Overseas M&A has become an important strategy for China's enterprises to maintain sustained rapid development as well as gain technology, market, and other resources.
October 27th,2009
China Fad: Cash Rich SOEs Swallowing, Reorganizing, and Allying with Private Companies
Chinese state-owned enterprises (SOEs) are flush with cash, thanks to stimulus policy capital and the banks' profligate lending, and they have been snatching up, "reorganizing," smaller private firms that have not been the beneficiaries of the government's largesse, particularly in the fields of iron and steel, coal, and energy.
September 8th,2009
Geely's Lonely Bid for Volvo
Whatever the risks to Geely, the Chinese car maker is on course to owning one of the world's most famous automotive brands. It only remains to be seen what Geely will make of it.
August 31st,2009
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