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WH Foods IPO Debacle: A Sow's Ear Out Of A Silk Purse
The failure of the WH IPO shows that Chinese companies are still not ready for the world stage.
WH IPO;Smithfield;Shuanghui; Wan Long May 21st,2014
The Chinese Year of Snake: A Market Twisting High and Low
In 2012, macro environment was anemic to asset prices in 1H but turned increasingly supportive in 2H. In 2013, we expect the exactly the opposite.
Industrial Production;PMI;HSBC PMI;Asset Market January 2nd,2013
PBoC Is Loosening: Money Supply in December Exceeds Market Expectation
The Chinese government is making contingent plans to deal with possible financial and economic risks (both domestic and external) in 2012. O
PBoC;Money Supply January 9th,2012
Li Yining: China Should Buy More Gold to Prevent Depreciation of FX Reserves
One option is oil, the black gold.
gold;FX reserves March 10th,2011
15 Best China Stocks to Buy in the Year of Rabbit
The current uptrend in both investable China and China A-shares should persist in 2011, although gains are likely to be larger in 1H11.
China market, H share,Hong Kong Market January 4th,2011
Market Bodes Ill at Aftermath of Korean Peninsula Shelling
The Korean Peninsula has been a significant source of market volatility so far this year. Every incidence of conflict on the peninsula corresponds to a surge in market volatility: late May, late August, late October and now. Each of these periods witnessed the China markets plummeting to near-term lows before recovering.
Korean Peninsula;European debt crisis November 29th,2010
2:15 PM ,Washington Time,the QE2 Moment
This increased liquidity is expected to show up more in financial markets, especially bonds, gold, silver and stocks than in new loans which are one supposedly objective for improving the economy.
QE2;FOMC November 3rd,2010
PBoC Rate Hike: Well Received in a Bull Market
The current situation bears more resemblance to that of early 2006, the initiation of a strong bull market.
bull market;rate hike;pboc October 20th,2010
Shanghai's Seven-day Rally: a Bull Start Running?
this rally has further to run in the coming months, if history is a guide.
bull market;market rally; Shanghai Composite October 18th,2010
Housing Bubble Crackdown Sparks Market Turbulence and Frantic Trading on New Stock Index Futures
Speculative players have gotten all hot about the turbulent market and are trading heavily on newly-debuted stock index futures.
stock index futures April 22nd,2010
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