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About 89% of China's Urban Households Own Homes
That's why home demand (and commodity demand) will be elevated in coming years.
social housing March 10th,2011
China's Social Housing: 10mn Units to Cost RMB1.3-1.4tn in 2010
By doing so, China can at least can avoid slums, redistribute national wealth, provide freedom to move, stimulate demand when national savings is in massive surplus and bring about social stability.
social housing March 10th,2011
Ignoring the Dubai Crisis and Bubble Concerns, Chinese SOEs Continue Playing "Land King"
Although the debt crisis triggered by Dubai's real estate development has prompted domestic concerns over asset bubbles and the quality of credit, China "Land King" state-owned enterprises (SOEs) continue to run rampant in the real estate markets.
Dubai;house market;SOE and land king December 7th,2009
China's Land Being Oversold to Hoarding Developers
Enough land for the next couple of generations of development has been sold or is now being hoarded. For real estate companies, land reserve are seen as a safeguard for their sustainable development.
October 11st,2009
Real Estate Development and Investment Expected to Grow
Recent data from the National Bureau of Statistics show that nationwide new construction area in the first eight months totaled 631 million square meters, and that new construction area in August was up 14% over the previous month, the only month-on-month increase in August since 2000.
September 24th,2009
200 Billion Yuan Insurers' Fund Eyes Real Estate Investment
A new Insurance Law is slated to come into effect on October 1, and related regulations on real estate and unlisted equity investment by insurance funds will also be introduced, maybe in October. Since last February, the newly revised Insurance Law allows insurance funds to invest in real estate for the first time. Prior to that, insurance funds could enter the real estate only under the name of "using for themselves."
September 24th,2009
Chinese Real Estate Enters a Twilight Zone
In this land purchasing boom, state-owned enterprises (SOEs) get in before private enterprises, buying up land at very high prices, and there are questions whether SOEs possess sufficient risk control.
August 30th,2009
Crazy Housing Prices May be Coming down Again
Although housing prices are still moving up, volume slowed in July. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, buyers seem to be retreating back into their "watch and wait" mode.
August 9th,2009
Land Prices High? Ask Local Governments Why
In the first 10 days of July, land transference fees in Beijing totaled about 8 billion yuan, and the government netted nearly 5 billion yuan, accounting for 62% of the total and 500 million yuan a day on average.
August 5th,2009
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