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November 2007

Energy Policy Mess
Energy Ministry of Energy     November 26,2007
Beijing should endorse the rationale, seize the opportunity, and reinstitute the long-awaited Ministry of Energy (MoE), abolished in 1993, to prepare for daunting energy challenges facing the country in the 21st century.
Giant Strides Must be Made
Finance & Banking universal banking     November 27,2007
2007 has seen the rise of continuing stride in the move towards universal operation and encouragement in cooperation
What's the Yuan Got to Do with It?
Currency yuan vs. Euro     November 27,2007
Although the Chinese government does not believe the current value of the RMB to be a principal factor on the China-EU trade surplus situation, they have nonetheless recently emphasized the need to improve the flexibility of its national currency.
China Not to Stand Idly by
M&A BHP and Rio Tinto     November 28,2007
What if BHP Billiton buys Rio Tinto? And a possible China's plan to prevent such a nightmare
Moving out Meets Challenges
Finance & Banking overseas hunting     November 28,2007
In the upcoming strategic economic talks, China will urge the US to further open its banking market to Chinese banks tit for tat while dealing with a request for China to open its own financial market to US banks.
An Inflation Hard to Tame
Economy Central Meeting on Economic Affairs     November 28,2007
This year a discussion on anti-inflation measures took center stage in the annual meeting by the Central Committee of the Communist Party on economic affairs. But something was missing. It's the Yuan appreciation.
The Emergency Room
Current Review health care overhaul     November 29,2007
China's Doctors and patients alike have been waiting patiently for the complete overhaul of the country's public hospitals, which will start with the upcoming new round of health care reform.
A 1.48 Trillion Dollar Headache
Currency sovereign wealth     November 30,2007
A 1.4 trillion dollar headache is growing fast into a 2 trillion dollar migraine
Has the Bubble Burst?
Money & Investing A share adjustment     November 30,2007
China's stock key index broke back down below the 5000 point mark on Thursday, amid the global market stumble. But the expectation of a profit boom due to tax rate cut starting on January 1, 2008 could give the sluggish A share market a pick.
One Small Step for China. . .
Current Review Chang'e to moon     November 30,2007
China launched its first moon-orbiting spacecraft, the Chang'e 1, named after the Chinese goddess of the moon. The launch represents another effort by China to assert itself as an emerging global power
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