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December 2007

An Undervalued Yuan? You Don't Say!
Currency Yuan appreciation     December 1,2007
Appreciation is the new name of the game and perhaps the Chinese government's last resort to fixing its distorted economy, following the inadequacy of recent macro-economic policies.
Buck the Trend and Keep Trying
Money & Investing securitization     December 1,2007
The American sub-prime crisis is sweeping the entire planet, but it doesn't seem to have any effect on the progress of China's efforts at asset securitization, which apparently is learning from Wall Street the techniques of diversifying risks of its financial system.
Will Little Servers Bring Down the Giant?
Corporations online game     December 3,2007
It looks as if Giant Interactive, the latest contender in China's online games industry, is being held hostage by illegal online game servers.
China's Bid for Rio Tinto?
M&A BHP and Rio Tinto     December 5,2007
With BHP Biliton's bid for Rio Tinto seemingly stalemated, BaoSteel, China's largest steel consortium and the two iron ore giants' biggest client, has expressed interest in joining the hunt.
New Lifeblood into CEB
Finance & Banking recapitalizition     December 5,2007
Central Huijin Investment (CHI), a subsidiary of China Investment Corporation (CIC), has injected enough capital into China Everbright Bank(CEB), another state-owned commercial bank, and now controls 70% of the total stake.
Excess and Crunch
Finance & Banking Personal loan vs.corporate loan     December 6,2007
With loans bending towards personal consumption and investment demand, China's banking is enthusiastically embracing retail business.
House Price Waiting for a Shoe
Real Estate Shanghai     December 6,2007
It may be too early to tell if the overseas housing crisis is now infecting China, but it is soon enough to be concerned and to take appropriate measures.
A Tight and Cool 2008
Economy macro-economic control     December 7,2007
In the recently held Central Meeting on Economic Affairs, the Chinese government finally revealed that it must rely on tight monetary policy as well as prudent fiscal policy to stifle over-anxious inflation.
Media Listings Wave Afoot
Corporations mouthpiece and capital     December 7,2007
The government is now counting on the buoyant stock market to build up the country's 'soft power' and thereby strengthen its own voice and expand its cultural influence.
A Through Train Derailed?
Money & Investing through train     December 10,2007
The answer is: the through train is most likely to cross the border and not be derailed.
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Now with the strong Euro things have changed but still the situation got worse for chinese exporters. Many small factories are closing down due to...
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