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January 2008

Shanghai: Say No to House Speculators
Real Estate house price control     January 1,2008
In compliance with the central government's macro-control measure over housing prices, the Shanghai government has released a notice requiring the real estate administrative department, jointly with public security and other departments, to formulate house-purchasing policies based on a permit system for non-Shanghai residents.
China Development Bank Begins Metamorphosis
Finance & Banking fresh lifeblood to state-owned banks     January 2,2008
And the last, as well as the biggest, absorber of capital will be the Agricultural Bank of China (ABC). It is estimated that CIC could have committed as much as $60-70 billion to CDB together with ABC. ABC can expect an infusion of up to $ 50 billion.
PBoC's Two New Vice-Governors
Finance & Banking personnel shift at the central bank     January 3,2008
Two new vice-governors has been appointed at the People's Bank of China, China's central bank. And one of them could be in charge of the all important monetary policy.
Phasing Out Foreign Companies Tax Holidays in China
Economy corporate income tax unified     January 3,2008
On the first day of this new year 2008, the Chinese government officially implemented a unified corporate tax rate for both domestic and foreign companies. The new law will drop the corporate tax rate for domestic companies from 33% to 25% and require foreign companies to undergo a 5-year transitional period during which their rate will be raised from 15% to 25%.
Yuan Gearing Up to 10% in 2008
Currency officially accelerating appreciation     January 3,2008
Compared to it 7% appreciation to the dollar in 2007 it looks like 2008 will bring as much as a 10% higher value against the dollar for the Chinese currency.
CEA Wings Broken?
M&A Singapore Airlines uncertain relationship with CEA     January 3,2008
Li Jiaxiang, chairman of Air China Limited, has been delegated as the governor of General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (GACAC), making the relationship between Singapore Airlines and China Eastern Airlines (CEA) even more uncertain.
Beijing Duck Takes Flight
Money & Investing stocks on Olympics play     January 4,2008
China is entering its Olympics year, and the excitement that is bringing to its citizens is rubbing off on the stocks of a number of companies seen to be connected with the games, boosting prices but also increasing investor risks.
Two State-owned Giants Posturing to Take a Lion's Share
Corporations Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway Construction     January 4,2008
After 10 years preparation and a total investment of 220 billion yuan, the time has finally arrived to begin construction on the Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway (BSHR). It is also now getting clearer as to who will take a lion's share of this project's pie and it definitely won't be anyone from overseas.
What does China have to do with $100 oil?
Energy the era of $100 oil     January 8,2008
A careful analysis suggests that Krugman either deliberately exaggerates China's impact on oil prices or unfortunately leaves out other important contributing factors.
CEA Slammed
M&A fight between CEA and CNAH     January 8,2008
China Eastern Airlines' (CEA) held its special shareholders' meeting on January 8 to decide whether to accept an offer by Singapore Airlines and Temasek Holdings to buy a stake in the airline and the answer was a resounding NO, with opposition from 94.04% of A share holders and 74.69% of H share holders.
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