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October 2008

China's Bronze Medal
Current Review     October 2,2008
The message has been sent and felt. China developed nuclear weapons to break the nuclear monopoly, for counter-deterrence purposes. China demonstrated ASAT capability to break ASAT monopoly, for space balance of power. China will eventually acquire a credible space deterrent to break space monopoly, still for peaceful purpose.
Huawei Wins Opening CDMA Game After Telecoms Reshuffle
Corporations     October 2,2008
In the war over CDMA, Huawei has never given up and, especially in the international market, is now catching up. The company's 2007 annual report showed it had signed 44.8% of the incremental CDMA base station contracts of that year. Moreover, Huawei had successfully marched into two vast CDMA markets -US and India.
China on Wall Street: Buy? Yes. Lend? No.
Economy     October 2,2008
One obvious fact is that with a spreading financial crisis dragging the global economy into possible recession, those countries with ample foreign exchange reserves, particularly China, must take action, but the question of exactly what to do is a dilemma. Should it lend even more money to the US government? Or should it put its money into buying stakes in Wall Street financial institutions? In a larger sense, should China become a stakeholder in the United States, or should it just remain a creditor?
Beijing Housing Market at Three-Year Low as Developers Offer Seasonal Discounts
Real Estate     October 4,2008
In this first month after the Olympic Games, "Golden September" is not golden for Beijing's real estate market, and "Silver October" prospects appear more and more tarnished.
China, Cooperating with the $700 billion Bailout, to Lend More to the US?
Economy     October 5,2008
PBoC has not said how it intends to strengthen coordination and cooperation with the US, but it is almost a certainty that China will continue to accumulate US government bonds, which touches a sore spot in China---should China continue to lend money to the US-this time to help save Wall Street?
Shorting on the Chinese Market: Stabilizer or Distorter?
Money & Investing     October 6,2008
From the long term point of view, short selling may help to improve the efficiency and stability of the A-share market. Or not. But without extensive information disclosure protected by law, shorting will only add to volatility and discourage the type of investment that will bring real stability to the market.
National Day No Holiday for Car Industry
Corporations     October 6,2008
Due to the slipping car market in the US and Europe, international giants like Toyota have hoped that China's stronger market would give them breathing space, while China's domestic auto market, weak since April this year, has hoped to see a rebound in September and October, a traditionally good season for car sales. But the market has had its own mind, and the week-long National Day holiday has been a disappointment all around.
China Mobile Keeps Distance from iPhone
Corporations     October 6,2008
China Mobile wants Apple to make an iPhone specifically for the Chinese market, cancelling the 3G and Wi-Fi functions in this product, because the TD-SCDMA network, built by China Mobile, is not compatible with the other two types of 3G networks, WCDMA and CDMA2000. China Mobile doesn't want to introduce a type of iPhone which is compatible with WCDMA network, lest users decrypt this type of iPhone and transfer to China Unicom or China Telecom's network. The 0.4 million iPhones already in China are decrypted units.
Asymmetric Regulation Says to China Mobile,"Share."
Corporations     October 7,2008
The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology yesterday declared jointly with State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission that it would greatly promote the sharing of infrastructure and construction for telecom operators. Meaning China Mobile, with the rich network resources it picked up in the recent telecoms reshuffle, must open its facilities to other operators, while its rivals, China Unicom and China Telecom, can choose to use its network or not. The new policy is being labeled asymmetric regulation.
BoA's Sweet Affair with CCB
Finance & Banking     October 7,2008
BoA's holding accounts for 8.19% of CCB's total. As the stock closed yesterday at HK$4.45 per share, the total market value of these shares stands at HK$85.142 billion, around US$11 billion. BoA's book gain is nearly US$8 billion.
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