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November 2008

Banks See Profit Erosion from Beijing's Housing Market Rescue
Finance & Banking     November 2,2008
Profits of China's commercial banks may fall victim a bit to the government's real estate market support policies, and the banks are showing reluctance to introduce their own rules related to housing lending in the future. Meanwhile, warnings on credit risk from bank supervisors show that they do not want to see a speculative bubble in the real estate market triggered by a relaxation of lending policies.
Economic Stimulation Package Faces Revenue Fall, Lack of Enthusiasm
Economy     November 2,2008
The Chinese government, which is returning to attempts of stimulating economic growth through infrastructure investment and hosing market reform, now faces an unlooked for drop in tax revenue. This may restrict investment by government, while its measures in the housing market are not being greeted with much enthusiasm.
New Financial Crisis, Old Tactics
Economy     November 3,2008
Although it is not expected that China will be anywhere near the largest victim in the current financial blowabout, it may turn out to be the largest loser of opportunities. Before the crisis, China was actively promoting industrial transformation and the growth of domestic demand. Now, with the winds whipping through China's tangible economy, these reforms are most likely to be delayed, maybe for years to come.
China Expects Upper-hand in Imminent Iron Ore Haggle
Commodities     November 3,2008
The annual negotiation for the next year's iron ore supply contract will be launched in November. Steel industry representatives from China, Europe, and Japan will meet with the world's three major iron ore mining giants to decide the long-term contract price for 2009. 
Beijing Considers Municipal Bonds as Economy Booster
Economy     November 3,2008
A program on strengthening debt management of local governments drafted by the Ministry of Finance (MoF) has recently been submitted to the central government for approval after consultation. Beijing policy makers seem to agree that allowing local governments to issue bonds is a prudent step to help prevent drastic economic slowing.
Stabilization Fund Debated, But Who Would Run It?
Money & Investing     November 3,2008
In October, the Shanghai Composite Index fell by 24.63%, the largest monthly tumble in the past 14 years, while the Shenzhen Component Index saw its sharpest decrease since August 1991. Government policies to maintain capital market stability have failed to prevent the market from dropping below 1800 points, the so-called bottom line. Now the debate over whether the government should intervene in the market with stabilization fund is hotting up yet again.
A Historic Visit
Current Review     November 4,2008
The top envoy's visit to Taiwan is historic. Though the Beijing authority claims that his visit will focus only on economic tie between the two sides, nobody will trust that this visit doesn't bear historic political imprint.
Our Endorsement for Barack Obama
Current Review     November 4,2008
Due to the US's incomparable power in the world, who the next president will be and what kind of policies will he adopt is crucial to not only the American people, but also the whole world, including China.
Pepsi to Step Up China Competition with Coke
Corporations     November 4,2008
With Coke acquiring Huiyuan Group, a major Chinese juice producer, for about $2.4 billion, its biggest Asian acquisition and second largest acquisition ever, people have been speculating about how Pepsi, Coke's major rival, would respond to the issue. They were answered when Pepsi President and CEO Indra Nooyi arrived in China today and announced a $1 billion investment in China. This is Pepsi's largest investment in China till now.
China Sets Out to Compete with Boeing and Airbus
Corporations     November 5,2008
China has finally decided to get into the airliner construction business. A project to produce independently 130- to 200-seat airliners will be launched during the thirteen "five-year plan." China has already decided centers for manufacturing and assembly, product design, and customer service, and will invite tenders worldwide.  
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