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February 2008

Chinese Steel Squeezed by Importers and Iron Ore Suppliers
Corporations     February 1,2008
China is controlling its steel exports to cope with anti-dumping investigations and threats from the European Union, Canada and the United States. Some analysts believe that China's steel exports may decline this year, as there is a growing need for this, and now China is facing an inflation threat from iron ore monopolists.
Chinalco Finesses Rio Tinto and BHP
M&A     February 3,2008
China has become increasingly skilful and confident in securing, by international bidding, energy and strategic resources such as iron ore and aluminium.
Resources: China Prices in the Making
Corporations     February 3,2008
As distinct from China's traditional effect on the global energy and resource markets, this time China is affecting the market through the production and supply side, whereas China used to be discussed in terms of its huge demand and consumption side regarding products like oil, iron ore or copper.
Microsoft's Bid for Yahoo Means So Much for Alibaba
M&A     February 4,2008
Bill Gates once said that Ma Yun (Jack Ma) would be the next Bill Gates. If Microsoft manages to purchase Yahoo, it will hold a 40% stake of the world's number one online marketplace for global and domestic China trade.
Shanghai Market Soars above the Worst Week
Money & Investing     February 4,2008
Freezing weather, inflation, power and water supply failures, and a worst week of stock slump in a decade. Whilst all these things are believed to be accompanying tens of millions of Chinese families during the Lunar New Year, China's A-share market surged by 8.13%, i.e. 351.4 points to 4672.17 points of Shanghai Composite Index.
China's Economic Elite Criticize US Economic Policy
Economy     February 5,2008
US economic policy-bashing has come into vogue inside Beijing's economic policy circle. A club of China's 50 top economists and economic policy makers expressed their pessimism over the US economy and their worries about the uncertainty it has brought to China.
Post-Snowstorms Reconstruction to Boost Investments
Economy     February 5,2008
As the Chinese lunar new year is approaching, China is now in the final stages of the anti-snowstorm campaign. Since the blizzards are now over, many provinces have survived the hardest period, but the remaining task, reconstruction after the storm, may be more challenging.
Pork-Led Inflation Concludes a Year of the Pig
Economy     February 6,2008
The pig is usually regarded as lazy and docile in China; however, in the past year it has really disturbed Chinese people. Pork prices have kept rising throughout the year and have triggered the most serious inflation in the last ten years.
How The Big Bang in U.S. Monetary Policy Should Influence China's Easing of Bank Credit
Economy     February 12,2008
Since China has a peg of a sort to the U.S. dollar, then it is likely that the U.S. monetary policy of ease will become the monetary policy of the Chinese authorities. As long as the Chinese hold dollars in their foreign reserves, then China capital is really part of America's monetary capital which is influenced by American policies.
Sovereign Wealth Funds and US Financial Market Circles
Money & Investing     February 12,2008
This data was to show you the relative strength of investments of foreign governments. They have the potential of buying a huge portion of our largest companies.
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