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March 2008

China's Pension System: A Race with the Aging Tsunami
Current Review     March 1,2008
Of those troubles that may put China's growth sustainability in jeopardy, the top one is a seriously flawed pension system.
China's Industrial South Faces Its Worst Power Crunch in Decades
Corporations     March 1,2008
The Pearl River Delta, a center of "made in China," is in the midst of a severe power shortage. In some areas factories can only run four days a week. The Guangdong Provincial government has declared that the province is undergoing the most serious power supply crunch since 1978, when China started the reform and opening-up policy.
China's New Economic Cabinet Faces Challenges
Economy     March 3,2008
Whether China's economy is able to weather the August, 2008, Beijing Olympics, high inflation, a US economic slow-down or even a recession exacerbated by the subprime crisis, and avoid a stock market crash and house-price slump will largely be in the hands of China's new economic cabinet after the dusts of the sessions of the National People's Congress and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference have settled.
Reform Ahead for the Chinese Budget
Economy     March 4,2008
Recent years have seen China's tax revenue grow by as much as 30% annually while GDP has been rising at about 10%. Last year saw the government's tax revenues increase by 31.4% to almost $700 billion, excluding non-tax revenue, such as hundreds of billions of Yuans worth of land transfer fees that come into the governments' pockets every year.
China Again Japan's Top Trade Partner
Economy     March 4,2008
2007 saw China once again top all others as Japan's biggest trading partner. Japan's trade with China in 2007 set a record for the ninth straight year, with trade reaching a total of $236.6 billion, up 12% year-on-year over the 2006 figure.
China's Sovereign Wealth Fund in Interest Troubles
Economy     March 5,2008
The China Investment Corporation (CIC) is unique among sovereign wealth funds in that its initial capital came not from fiscal surplus, but from special government bonds. It is now having trouble paying back the huge interest for these bonds. "Regarding the $800 billion fund, the company needs to earn 300 million Yuan every working day." Said CIC Chairman Lou Jiwei.
Hardlanding Prospects Lead to One-Child Reconsideration
Current Review     March 5,2008
When a Chinese government spokesman recently let slip publicly that China was examining its One-Family-One-Child Policy, it set off global shockwaves. And though Premier Wen Jiabao quickly stepped in with his statement today that China would "keep the current family plan policy and keep a low birth rate, improve the quality of the population, and make efforts to lower the ratio of boys to girls," the fact is that China's One-Child policy is coming under reconsideration, and for good reasons.
Politicians May Have to Resolve Danone-Wahaha Brouhaha
Corporations     March 5,2008
The ongoing Danone-Wahaha dustup over equity may eventually have to be resolved by politically led peace talks. But it's having an effect on China's policies on investment from overseas.
China Severely Controls Grain Export and Increases Import
Economy     March 5,2008
With international prices for agricultural products soaring and inflation hitting record highs, food prices and food security have now become key words for the Chinese leadership. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's government work report to the National People's Congress (NPC) clearly stated that the country should strictly restrain food imports and duly increase imports of a number of important consumption goods for which there is a high demand.
China to Ease Controls on Residents' Foreign Investment
Money & Investing     March 7,2008
An excess of liquidity, capital surpluses creating froth in domestic markets, is pushing China's resolution to encourage companies and individuals to invest overseas.
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