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May 2008

Whirlpool Teaming Up with Hisense as It Challenges Haier in China
Corporations     May 1,2008
The ongoing contest between Chinese appliances giant, Haier, and its US counterpart, Whirlpool, has taken a new turn with the latter taking steps to accelerate its alliance building with Chinese local producers and sellers as both company's battle for the world's top spot in the worldwide appliances market.
PetroChina Valuation at the Mercy of the Government
Energy     May 4,2008
It doesn't seem possible, at a time of soaring crude oil prices, that PetroChina, China's largest company, would have its investors wondering if they were living in a dream, and a very bad one at that. The situation is so unreal that it has even Berkshire Hathaway's Warren Buffett and Quanta's Jim Rogers, the world's two top investors, coming down on different sides of the question of just what the company's shares are worth.
China's Delayed 3G a Headache for TD R&D Firms
Corporations     May 4,2008
COMMIT Incorporated, a Chinese mobile chips manufacturer invested in by a group of both domestic and foreign telecoms companies, is on the verge of going bankrupt due to disrupted capital flow. This reflects the problems China's long delayed 3G network is causing for China's telecoms R&D companies.
Pyongyang's Nuclear Gambit
Current Review     May 4,2008
It is imperative the North Korea has to do something with America in the next half year, in order to shape the contour of America's DPRK policy of even the next administration. However, the North has little to offer in this game, due to its security restrain and resources available.
China-Japan-South Korea FTA Saga: More Thunder, Little Rain
Current Review     May 5,2008
The Chinese President Hu Jintao is paying a visit to Japan, labeled by Beijing "a journey of warm spring." Premier Wen Jiaobao's visit last year was called "ice-melting journey." With a warming China-Japan relationship and Korea's active attitude, the establishment of free trade zone is again being raised as an issue among the three countries.
Engineers Expected to be Less Dominant in China's Social Engineering Program
Current Review     May 6,2008
While 10 years ago, engineers seemed to be the mainstay in China's central government, it is now becoming apparent that China's next generation of political leaders will be of a different breed. China's future leaders will have noticeably different backgrounds, with talents who majored in economics, law, and social sciences, most of whom were pursuing higher education at the beginning of the reform and opening-up, taking the reigns of power
Shanghai's Financial Center Ambition at a Crossroad
Finance & Banking     May 7,2008
Storied Shanghai, the focal point of China's industrial and commercial might, appears to have lost its way. So much of what is now happening in Shanghai is running away from its earlier goals. Its dreams have been to grow into a center of international finance, a money and services nexus to rival the other great financial hubs, a London or New York of the East. It's not happening. Financial firms who rushed into Shanghai 10 years ago are now escaping from the city, and industrial and commercial enterprises are moving out with them. Shanghai is not about to turn into a ghost metropolis, but change has to come if it is to regain its lost momentum.
Breaking Iranian Nuclear Impasse
Current Review     May 7,2008
A solution to break Iran's nuclear impasse is to make it clear that Iran can go ahead with uranium enrichment for peaceful purposes, but it has to be assured as peaceful with close international monitoring, and truly strong international sanctions shall be evoked should there be a violation.
Blackouts Threaten without Power Plants Price/Cost Relief
Energy     May 7,2008
The government's attempt to rein in inflation by controlling prices is reaping further whirlwinds. The recent troubles of China's oil industry, which is barred from raising its pump charges to offset soaring international crude oil prices, are now being visited upon the domestic power industry. Costs are rocketing but their prices cannot match them.
Sino-Japan Energy Cooperation Inspired by East China Sea Dispute Settlement Prospect
Energy     May 8,2008
International crude oil prices have risen to $122 per barrel, and the dispute over oil and gas fields in the East China Sea is a distinct obstacle on the road to any Sino-Japanese harmony. Chinese President Hu Jintao's is using his present visit to Japan as an opportunity to push towards a resolution of the problem and promote energy cooperation between the two nations.
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