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October 2009

Xmas Season Orders Don't Bode Well for Chinese Exporters
Economy     October 3,2009
The upcoming Canton Trade Fair over the second half of October will be, as always, an important platform for export enterprises, but analysts see no reason to believe the situation will improve.
China's Land Being Oversold to Hoarding Developers
Real Estate     October 11,2009
Enough land for the next couple of generations of development has been sold or is now being hoarded. For real estate companies, land reserve are seen as a safeguard for their sustainable development.
Tenzhong Comes to Terms on Hummer
M&A     October 12,2009
US Dollar Depreciation May Force RMB Appreciation
Currency     October 12,2009
It looks as though China may have to adjust its policy and increase the flexibility of RMB, with the almost inevitable appreciation of the yuan.
The Problem of an Ageing Population Is Here: Millions of Migrant Workers Can't Retire
Economy     October 13,2009
Most workers migrate from poor provinces to rich ones, and as they are forced to withdraw from the pension system, they simply leave the greater part of their benefits to the rich provinces, so the system is actually exacerbating the already great gap between rich and poor provinces
Thales Launches Next Generation Hardware Module for Payment Security Systems
Technologies News Release     October 14,2009
Innovation, Tech-driven Companies Are Market High Points
Money & Investing     October 15,2009
The extensive use of new technologies is bringing breakthrough growth and development in major pillar industries, among which the internet, aerospace/military, low-carbon environment, and railway construction are leading the way.
Trade Rebound and Expected RMB Appreciation Have Hot Money Flooding Back In
Economy     October 15,2009
The rising recovery coupled with appreciation expectations make China once again a magnet for global funds.
RMB 4 Trillion Stimulus vs RMB 5 Trillion Debts: Looming Local Government Credit Risk Explosion
Economy     October 17,2009
The city investment bond, also known as "quasi-municipal debt," is a kind of corporate bond and medium-term note issued publicly for local infrastructure or public projects, with the local financing platform as the main issuing body.
Swiss Export to China Jumps on Infrastructure Spree
Economy News Release     October 17,2009
Railways, airports, hospitals, schools-China is increasing its investments in infrastructure development sharply. Many Swiss companies are already benefiting and more can play an active role in projects related to environmental technologies. In August, Swiss exports to China went up by 19.4% year-on-year, while those to the EU declined by 13.7%
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