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November 2009

Debate, Domestic and International, Rages over China's Recovery Policy, and Its Implications for 2010
Economy     November 2,2009
Certainly debate is healthy, but uncertainties and confusion send difficult messages to sensitive markets both domestic and international.
Grilled by iPhone's Shining China Launch, BlackBerry Eager to Partner Up with ChinaTelecom
Technologies     November 2,2009
ChinaTelecom needs an end product with global influence to promote its new 3G communication services, while Blackberry can increase channels to develop company and individual users.
Aggressive Government Investment Increases Concerns over Bad Loans, Poor Efficiency
Economy     November 6,2009
The current investment binge in China may be sowing the seeds of bad loans that will sprout wildly in the next couple of years. China's banking system, although not shocked directly by the financial crisis, may be dangerously exposed to the balance sheet risks caused by massive and inefficient state intervention.
Morgan Stanley's CICC Stake: What's It Worth and Who Will Get It?
M&A     November 10,2009
With China's economy well on the path of recovery and Chinese companies investing overseas and listing both on the A-share and overseas markets, MS is expecting a high valuation.
China's Export Pickup Still Slow Due to Cautious Christmas Shopping Season
Economy     November 10,2009
Hu Shuli's Exit from Caijing: Mostly over Money
Current Review     November 12,2009
Multinationals Trying to Stem Expansion by China's Shanzhai Cell Phone Makers
Technologies     November 12,2009
In traditional Chinese, "shanzhai" also has the connotation of challenging authority in unorthodox ways, meaning here that the local producers use their ways to undermine market domination by the big multinationals.
PBOC Hints at More RMB Flexibility: Back to Appreciation?
Currency     November 13,2009
RMB's USD peg has been the cause of troubles, increasing economic imbalances and bringing down international displeasure.
Islamic Banking Bucks the Trend
Finance & Banking     November 15,2009
The Face Value of Obama's First Visit to China
Economy     November 16,2009
It is as power to power that things get interesting, especially if China tries to use its lending leverage to pressure US spending away from things it deems to undermine its interests.
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