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December 2009

Porn Crackdown Sees China Mobile Suspend WAP Services: 10 Million Yuan Loss a Day
Technologies     December 2,2009
In order to fully disassociate itself from cell phone pornographic websites, China Mobile has announced it will suspend charges from its business partners, such as for WAP (Wireless Application Protocol, providing Internet content and value-added services to mobile terminals), and undertake a comprehensive clearing. This is the second clearance of China Mobile since the "second confirmation" of the SP policy issued in 2006.
Love/Hate Disneyland in Shanghai and China
Current Review Disneyland Shanghai;house market;sweatshop     December 4,2009
Disneyland is fixing to erect a new theme park near the Shanghai Yangtze River estuary, which looks to be a feast for the government and developers. But nationalists, residents who can not afford housing, and the local entertainment industry in China, Hong Kong, and East Asia are vociferously protesting the entry of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck into mainland China.
Ignoring the Dubai Crisis and Bubble Concerns, Chinese SOEs Continue Playing "Land King"
Real Estate Dubai;house market;SOE and land king     December 7,2009
Although the debt crisis triggered by Dubai's real estate development has prompted domestic concerns over asset bubbles and the quality of credit, China "Land King" state-owned enterprises (SOEs) continue to run rampant in the real estate markets.
BlackBerry has China's Three Telecoms Giants Drooling
Technologies BlackBerry;smartphone;Digital China     December 8,2009
Canada's RIM (Research in Motion) and Digital China have signed an agreement that allows the latter to distribute BlackBerry smartphones in China, officially launching BlackBerry in the domestic individual consumer market and finally fixing a situation for the last three years where only a handful of enterprise customers and smuggled phones could enter the market.
China's 2010 Monetary Policy Subject to Hot Money
Economy hot money;monetary policy     December 8,2009
Based on RMB appreciation expectations, hot money will continue its inflow in 2010. China's current exchange rate policy lacks flexibility, and capital flows can't be automatically adjusted though exchange rates.
Why is Dubai a Speculative Heaven for Chinese
Economy Dubai;speculation;overseas Chinese     December 11,2009
Dubai, arguably the world's most liberal city, financially, is slowly and fitfully crawling out from its crisis, but is regaining its attractiveness to arguably the most speculative business people on earth, Wenzhou folks.
At Copenhagen, China Can Be a Give-Some, Get-Some Leader or a Zero-Sum Loser
Economy Copenhagen;emission cut;carbon dioxide     December 14,2009
So far the conference has been playing zero sum: each country wants to get more and give less. Should there be no breakthrough, the negotiations are doomed. .
Following Abu Dhabi's Suit Against Citi, Will CIC Also Sue?
Money & Investing CIC;Abu Dhabi;Citi;sovereign wealth fund     December 19,2009
Shanda Literature to Sue Baidu over Piracy
Corporations Shanda;Baidu;piracy     December 19,2009
Shanda Literature is making claims against popular Chinese search engine Baidu, saying that it is allowing the theft of its copyrighted content, and is to launch an infringement suit against it supported by Chinese writers and organizations for creative industries.
Hollywood's Biggest Talent Agent to Sue Irish iPhone App Developer
Technologies FactorySix;iPhone;app     December 19,2009
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