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March 2009

Chinalco-Rio Deal: Lack of International Experience a Major Hurdle
M&A     March 2,2009
After Chinalco's second capital injection into Rio Tinto, it will face not only M&A review from Australian regulators but also integration problems with the Australian mining giant. Its own lack of internationally experienced talent may become the greatest challenge to the completion of the acquisition.
Survey: Over Two-Thirds of Chinese Economists Favor Gold Over US Bonds
Money & Investing     March 2,2009
In a survey of major Chinese economists, more than two-thirds are reportedly bearish on the prospect of China increasing its holdings of US government bonds, and believe instead the nation should putting more of its hard-earned into gold.
Airbus "Loses" Chinese Order, and Everybody Has to Adjust
Corporations     March 3,2009
Airbus, the European aircraft giant, is denying a rumor that China has canceled an order for 150 planes. According to China Business News, an Airbus China executive revealed that the company had not signed any framework agreement with China, and that the order of 150 planes was itself only a rumor.
Gold Retail Buy-Back Surges across China
Money & Investing     March 3,2009
The gold rush has gone global, but the flight-to-quality is taking different forms in different markets. While the US and Europe are experiencing a surging demand for the glittery stuff itself, investors in China have been stepping up the monetization of their bullion reserve since February. The stark contrast reflects investors' different confidence levels towards their countries' monetary and financial systems.
People's Congress Meets, Discusses Greater Stimulus
Economy     March 3,2009
Beijing is once again the site of the annual session of the National People's Congress and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. Thousands of representatives and committee members from all areas of the country, political, geographical, and social, are gathering with particular interest in current economic developments. Hope is rife that the government will launch further stimulation policies, including more investment.
Chinese Coal Prices Up Over Safety Crackdown
Commodities     March 3,2009
An accident on February 22 at the Tunlan Coal Mine in Shanxi Province, China's major coal producer, killing 78 workers, seems to have gotten the attention of safety officials. The Shanxi provincial government moved swiftly after the accident and has launched a one-year safe-production campaign, which is already boosting coal prices.
CIC Recovers 86% from Reserve Primary Fund Failure
Money & Investing     March 4,2009
Wang Jianxi, deputy general manager of China Investment Corporation (CIC), said in Beijing on March 4 that CIC had gotten back 60% of its investment in Reserve Primary Fund.
Under pressure, India Drops Protection Against Chinese Toys
Current Review     March 4,2009
Bowing to a flurry of protests from the Chinese government and toy associations, and perhaps more to the point to the strong dissatisfaction of its own domestic toy importers and sellers, the government of India has finally decided to allow Chinese toys with global security institution verification to enter the Indian market.
China Accelerates Diversification of Forex Assets
Currency     March 4,2009
The Obama administration's economic stimulus plan has got China in a bit of a quandary. On the one hand, China is boundless in its hopes the plan works and as soon as possible, for the rebound of the US economy would be angelic news for China's exporters. On the other hand, with the US government deficit looking to reach as high as $1.5 trillion, more and more economists and government officials are strongly suggesting China shy away from adding to its already vast holding of US national debt, and maybe relieve itself of some of that holding.
US Importers on China's Blacklist
Current Review     March 5,2009
Some American importers are joining companies in the Middle East on Chinese exporters' blacklist of companies not to do business with.
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