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May 2009

Huawei and ZTE Moving Up the Global Scales. Ericsson Next?
Technologies     May 2,2009
And due to the steady competitive decline of Nokia-Siemens and Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson is gradually becoming the only key rival of Huawei and ZTE.
Swine Flu Threatens Aviation Industry Recent Upturn
Corporations     May 2,2009
Air China has accordingly increased their number of flights for domestic routes and begun cutting flights for international routes.
Beijing Acts to Curb Statistics Cheating, Gain Credibility
Economy Statistics Cheating,Gain Credibility     May 3,2009
The reliability of China's economic statistics has never been so important.
China Set to Lead in "New Energy" Car Production
Technologies     May 4,2009
The government now seems to be deciding whether to achieve technical breakthroughs first or rather cultivate the market.
Most Bank Lending Going to Maintenance and Old Projects, Not Growth
Economy     May 4,2009
Despite loose credit policies, many strong privately-owned firms have shown no great willingness to borrow.
HP' Harvest Plan to Drive Deep into China' Countryside
Corporations     May 4,2009
"China will continue to guarantee HP's No. 1 status in the world, and HP will continue to increase its investment in China," said Todd Bradley.
Swine Flu Strikes Hard at China's Commodities Markets
Commodities     May 4,2009
Soybean meal, a feed for animals, took the first hit.
Beijing to Lower Capital Threshold to Stimulate Local and Private Investment
Economy     May 4,2009
While investment from the central government has surged, at the end of last year, growth of investment by local governments had dropped 1.8 percentage points from July, and the growth this last February dropped to a record low since January, 2004.
Capital Account Deficit Shows China's Investing Overseas Amid Financial Crisis
Money & Investing     May 4,2009
China's capital and current account surpluses, a fixture for the last ten years, reversed in the second half of 2008 when China's deficit under capital and financial account reached $53 billion.
Roubini Doesn't Stop Growling Like a Bear
Economy     May 5,2009
The setbacks in consumer spending will most likely be over powered by federal spending.
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