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June 2009

The United States and China, Cooperating for Recovery and Growth
Economy     June 1,2009
Global problems will not be solved without U.S.-China cooperation. That goes for the entire range of issues that face our world from economic recovery and financial repair to climate change and energy policy.
As GM Filing for Bankruptcy, Geithner Sounds Optimistic in Beijing
Economy     June 1,2009
"What is bad for General Motors is bad for America?"
China's Gas Prices Up on Oil Rebound     
Energy     June 1,2009
The future domestic oil prices will be more closely related to international one's, and the price adjustment mechanism will be more transparent.
Geithner Assuages Chinese Public about America's Debt
Economy     June 1,2009
The USD is facing great risk of depreciation, so is the rate of return and security of the US national debt.
China's Bank Lending Growth Slows and Shifts to Private and Personal Loans
Finance & Banking     June 3,2009
As the peak period for the investment of big projects included in the government's economic stimulation plan has passed, and banks are doubtful about the strength and sustainability of the economic rebound, new lending is estimated to decline further in May.
Tengzhong Buys American Car Icon Hummer
M&A     June 3,2009
Despite its connection to military vehicle maker A.M. General, which supplies Humvees to the US armed forces, it does not appear likely that the sale will face opposition from the Committee for Foreign Investment in the US, which has jurisdiction over the sale of strategic US assets to foreign investors.
The Failure of Iron Ore "China Price:" Doomed by the Scattered Steel Industry
Commodities     June 3,2009
To achieve the desired results, all of the iron ore importers should be united to control the order in the spot market, which is not only an expedient measure to get the "Chinese price," but also a long-term issue that must be addressed for China's passive position of importing raw materials.
Kirk on China: A Diplomat Rather Than A Fire Brand Ideologist
Economy     June 3,2009
Kirk is not as smart and feisty as former US Trade Representative Robert Zoellick, and therefore less dangerous."
Pelosi's "Historic" Trip to China
Current Review     June 3,2009
Known for unfurling years ago a banner in Tiananmen Square in memory of protestors, she felt this time that she could better get the attention of the Chinese policy makers with this bill in her traveling bag than by waving a clean energy banner in Beijing.
China Sees More Hope in New GM
Corporations     June 3,2009
After the launch of Buick Regal and Chevrolet Cruze, in the coming months Shanghai GM will launch several new car types including cars developed by its research center in China.
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