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July 2009

PBoC Repeats Call for Super-Sovereign Currency, Putting More Downward Pressure on USD
Currency     July 1,2009
Last week, the PBoC report along with other factors drove down the dollar exchange rate to other major currencies, and it seems that China's proposal to build a new reserve currency system is reshaping the expectation of the currency traders.
With Troubles at Home, Coke and Pepsi Turn to Herb Formula in China
Corporations     July 1,2009
The two have recently witnessed the boom of Wanglaoji Cool Tea, which originated from the south of China, and will undoubtedly choose herb as one new way of development.
The Risk of the Creditization of the Ballooning of China's Local Government Debts
Economy     July 1,2009
When China's economy came to a standstill in 2008, the major pillars of local government finances collapsed, once again weakening local budgets and leaving them unprepared to support the enormous amounts of economic stimulus spending imposed by the Chinese government in 2009.
Pierre Cardin to Sell Off Chinese Business, Plenty of Eager Buyers
M&A     July 1,2009
Although Pierre Cardin officials in Beijing refused to reveal potential buyers, it is reported that some other Zhejiang-based companies are teaming up to bid for Pierre Cardin business.
Rules of China's Real Estate Market Game: Buy Land, Sleep, Wake Up, and Make Money
Real Estate real estate,china,financial crisis     July 1,2009
Since land prices are now expected to rise, and housing prices are expected to rise with them, developers will naturally accelerate their purchases to fuel their further development.
Rising A-Share Stocks Signal Early Emerging Market Recovery
Money & Investing     July 3,2009
The impressive rise of China's stock market is connected to the flow back of global funds from dollar assets to emerging markets.
Chinalco to Maintain Its Rio Stake in Rights Offering
M&A     July 3,2009
To maintain its present Rio stake of 9.3%, Chinalco will have to spend about $1.4136 billion for the additional offering.
RMB Ready to Become International Settlement Currency
Currency     July 3,2009
China to Put Forth New Policies to Boost Long Sagging FDI
Economy     July 3,2009
New Foreign Private Equity Demand for Chinese Companies
Money & Investing     July 4,2009
What is significant is that the world's supposedly largest private equity firm believes that the US$ 1 billion subscription supports improving investor sentiment towards China.
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