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January 2010

China's Steel Industry Is a Big Problem for Both Climate and Trade
Economy climate;steel;trade war     January 4,2010
China has overtaken the US as the largest emitter of greenhouse gases (GHG), to which steel industry contributes no small part.
Chinese Tycoon Emerges to Grab Chilean Iron Ore Mine
Commodities iron ore;Li Zihao;Rixin Development     January 8,2010
With yet another new round of iron ore supply negotiations around the corner, Li says: "We want to break the monopoly of the international iron ore giants."
Investors Increasingly Interest in China's Private Education Sector
Money & Investing education investment;private education     January 8,2010
The swift development and structural change in China's economy motivate professionals and fresh college graduates to continue to acquire new knowledge to meet career challenges
Eyeing Gold Mine in Uzbekistan, Chinese Consortium Invest in AIM Quoted Oxus
Commodities gold;Oxus;     January 12,2010
Under the terms of the Financing, members of the Concert Party will make an investment in Oxus of approximately US$85 million by way of the issue of new Ordinary Shares in the company and convertible loan notes. In addition, members of the Concert Party will be granted warrants to subscribe for new Ordinary Shares in the company exercisable within five years of Admission for approximately US$20 million in return for an undertaking to arrange a further minimum of $80 million in project finance.
China's Lending Resurgent, but Riskier
Economy bank lending; credit;tight     January 13,2010
Bank lending in China has once again started to accelerate, reaching an average daily amount of more than 100 billion yuan in the first working week in January, 2010.
Should Baidu Giggle at Google's Possible Withdrawal?
Technologies google;baidu;     January 14,2010
Baidu CEO Robin Li has said that it is difficult to see where Google will be in five years time. He must be aware that, despite the withdrawal of his greatest competitor, Google's withdrawal from China may be a harbinger of troubles for Baidu.
China and HK M&A: Strong 2009, Stronger 2010
M&A China M&A;HK M&A     January 15,2010
With Corporate China's hunger for oil/gas and resources, cash-rich balance sheet, as well as its domestic consolidation and outbound investment, the M&A was up 6.5% in China and Hong Kong in 2009 despite the downturn in global M&A activities. And 2010 will keep the aggressive momentum given Chinese government's determination to restructure its industries and economy.
In China, Fast Economic Growth Does Not Equal Household Wealth
Economy China GDP;China Wealth     January 22,2010
Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, China's annual economic growth is averaging 10%. Hard-working Chinese people have made tremendous contribution to the global economy. Their rewards, however, are not matched with their contributions.
China and US Soft Power Play: Internet, Games, and Media
Technologies google; Avatar;internet games;media     January 27,2010
China is implementing a strategy to promote its cultural "soft power," aimed at protecting domestic cultural industries and restricting western media entry of on the one hand, and going abroad to acquire media outlets on the other.
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