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November 2010

2:15 PM ,Washington Time,the QE2 Moment
Money & Investing QE2;FOMC     November 3,2010
This increased liquidity is expected to show up more in financial markets, especially bonds, gold, silver and stocks than in new loans which are one supposedly objective for improving the economy.
Chinese Economy 2011: A Year of Reflation
Economy China economy;2011;inflation     November 22,2010
If Chinese authorities were to mainly rely on administrative controls over monetary aggregates instead of allowing price-based policy instruments such as rate hikes and appreciation of the Renminbi to control inflation, the risk of policy-induced boom (in 2010) and bust (2011) cycle would be on the rise.
Market Bodes Ill at Aftermath of Korean Peninsula Shelling
Money & Investing Korean Peninsula;European debt crisis     November 29,2010
The Korean Peninsula has been a significant source of market volatility so far this year. Every incidence of conflict on the peninsula corresponds to a surge in market volatility: late May, late August, late October and now. Each of these periods witnessed the China markets plummeting to near-term lows before recovering.
China's Growth Is Poised to Decelerate
Economy inflation;PMI;tight credit     November 29,2010
In the wake of the government's intensified measures to curb inflation,business conditions point to a significant deterioration.
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