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February 2010

A-Share Market Feels Pain on Expansionary Policy Exit
Money & Investing A-share;exit     February 4,2010
The falling A-shares have analysts almost unanimously pointing to the tightening of policy. Banks, real estate, coal, nonferrous metals, and cyclical industries have taken the worst hits from capital flight, while the performance of defensive industries such as bio-medicine and agriculture have seen less change.
"Very Strong Optimism" of Swiss Companies in China
Economy confidence;Swiss     February 5,2010
The number one concern is no longer the global economic slowdown, which ranked highest last year, but "finding and hiring suitable talent".
China's New Year of the Tiger Looks to Be One of Trade Conflict with the US
Economy trade war;RMB;trade surplus;     February 10,2010
China's imports and exports, imports in particular, are expected to show sharp recovery growth in the first quarter. Exports and imports are expected to increase by about 16% and 32%, respectively, over the same period last year, and China's trade surplus is expected reach around $43 billion, down around 31%.
Top Business Students to Compete for Innovative Solution to Educate 2 Billion Poor Kids
Technologies GCC;OLPC;IXL     February 25,2010
The inaugural edition of the GCC is expected to gather over 300 of the world's best and brightest young business minds to develop innovative and effective strategies to provide a means for learning to the nearly two billion children of the developing world with little or no access to education.
China's Appetite for Overseas Coal Roaring in the Year of Tiger
Commodities coal     February 26,2010
As transportation from inland mines to the southeast coastal areas is also seriously short and coal prices are higher in domestic than in international markets, in the next few years economically developed areas in southeast China will be increasingly importing their coal.
China's New Energy Car Leadership: State Energy Giants to Build Electric Charging Infrastructure
Technologies electric cars     February 26,2010
With the US auto industry having been hit hard and Toyota in recent troubles, the Chinese automotive industry is eager to move ahead.
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