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March 2010

The Vanishing Chinese Migrant Worker
Economy migrant worker;labor shortage;hukou     March 1,2010
The first generation of migrant workers is returning home to care for elderly parents and for their own retirement life, while the second generation of young migrant workers is increasingly inclined to seek employment locally, where new development is now providing growing employment opportunities.
JohnsonDiversey, Inc. Announces Name Change to Diversey, Inc. and Adopts New Brand Identity
Corporations JohnsonDiversey;Diversey     March 2,2010
Yuan Appreciation Is Necessary, and Best in April
Currency Yuan;RMB;appreciation;exit strategy     March 3,2010
While the government's strategy has been to delay the appreciation as longer as possible, appreciation expectations for 2010 are becoming deeply rooted on the streets, where the main question concerns the timing.
Chanos Drops Hints Shorting China Bubble-Related Companies
Money & Investing James Chanos;China bubble;short     March 4,2010
When asked if he meant companies like Rio Tinto or BHP Billiton, Chanos said "you're heading down the right track." But he declined to be any more specific.
Distorted Housing Price Statistics Stir Anger over Policy
Economy statistics;house market     March 5,2010
China's economic and business statistics have been notoriously inconsistent, unreliable,and often and apparently manipulated. Now it seems that the statistics concerning housing prices are no exception.
Lies, Damned Lies, and Chinese Statistics
Economy statistics;China economy     March 7,2010
The process of estimating China's GDP bears on social stability and even the political future of local leaders, and is inevitably subject to political influence.
CIC Defies Wall Street Shorting Hints, Eyes Overseas China-Linked Assets
Money & Investing CIC;shorting;James Chanos     March 9,2010
While some Wall Street investors are advancing shorting hints concerning a possible China bubble, CIC is considering increasing investment in assets influenced by China factors, Australian mining companies, for example
US Mortgage Investors Push For Banks to Write Down Second Liens
Finance & Banking mortgage;second lien;refinance     March 10,2010
A group of investors in mortgage-backed bonds dubbed the Mortgage Investors Coalition (MIC) recently submitted to Congress a plan to overhaul the refinancing of underwater borrowers by writing down the principal balances of both first and second mortgages.
Are There Advantages to Governor Zhou Xiaochuan's Dollar-Peg Exit?
Currency yuan appreciation;Zhou Xiaochuan;PBOC;peg     March 10,2010
Perhaps, what Governor Zhou is really saying is that China's policy needs to shift from favoring an increase in its foreign exchange reserves to increasing the purchasing power of it currency.
SAFE's Billions Slipping into US, Foreign Markets
Money & Investing SAFE;exchange reserves;CIC;PIMCO;BlackRock     March 15,2010
The State Administration of Foreign Exchange(SAFE), the agency stewarding China's $2.4 trillion foreign exchange reserves under the People's Bank of China, has invested billions of dollars in a number of US hedge funds and asset management firms, including Pacific Investment Management Co,(PIMCO)、BlackRock, and Bridgewater Associates.
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