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April 2010

Labor Shortage and Higher Expenses Drive More Factories Inland China
Economy labor shortage     April 11,2010
Escalating production costs in China's coastal manufacturing hubs are pushing some suppliers to relocate to the central and western provinces.
Too-Rapid Q1 Growth Makes the Case for Interest Rate Hike, Yuan Appreciation
Economy overheating;appreciation;rate hike     April 12,2010
Once the tone has been set that the economy is at risk of overheating, decision makers will be seriously considering interest rate hikes, or yuan appreciation, or both.
Housing Market: China's Own "Too Big to Fail"
Economy house bubble;house market     April 14,2010
For the speculator or investor, real property in China has become virtually risk free. For a home buyer, the story is less happy. The later one enters the market, the deeper the financial waters to tread. Little wonder that people are in such an irrational (or rational!) hurry to put their money into the housing market.
The Ethics of Sovereign Funds: Investing the People's Money
Money & Investing SWF;CIC;Sovereign Wealth Fund     April 16,2010
For economic and, especially, political reasons, SWFs should not be investing their people's capital in "2 and 20" blind-pool funds where the fund managers receive 2% of the assets under management each and every year without any regard as to the performance of their funds.
Housing Bubble Crackdown Sparks Market Turbulence and Frantic Trading on New Stock Index Futures
Money & Investing stock index futures     April 22,2010
Speculative players have gotten all hot about the turbulent market and are trading heavily on newly-debuted stock index futures.
Why China is Right on the Renminbi
Currency yuan appreciation;rmb;renminbi     April 25,2010
Chinese policymakers have been waiting to see whether the recovery in the US is real. If it is, China's exports will grow more rapidly. And if its exports grow more rapidly, they can allow the renminbi to rise.
Another Failed British Experiment
Current Review British election;Gordon Brown     April 28,2010
But this demand for political moderation impedes the search for the radical and painful solutions that Britain needs. Little wonder, then, that currency markets are treating the likely outcome in Britain – a hung parliament, with no clear majority for any party – as a repeat of the mid-1970's, with no clear solution to the country's underlying economic problems on offer.
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