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May 2010

"Walking Pneumonia" Contraction Ahead: The Information Missing from the BEA Q1 GDP Report
Economy US GDP; double dip; BEA     May 6,2010
Instead of a "call-911" type of event in 2008 or the "hiccup" witnessed in 2006, we may be seeing a "walking pneumonia" type of contraction that has legs.
China Economy: From "Decoupling" to the Dark Clouds of "Double Dip"
Economy China economy;decouple;double dip     May 10,2010
Now, China has no room for expansion. Different from China's economic situation in 2009, the country's actual economy expansion has been very limited, whether in terms of infrastructure, industrial capacity, local governments' debt repayment ability, or ability to expand bank credit.
iPad's Road to China: Patent Disputes and Tele Giants Loom
Technologies iPad;Apple;Proview;Great Loong Brother;IPAD;Unicom     May 13,2010
China's Apple fans are awaiting the iPad launch here, but at the same time a campaign against Apple iPad is developing.
Europe's Historic Gamble
Economy euro;Greece;EU;bailout     May 17,2010
Greece would be booted out of the monetary union. The eurozone would be divided into a Northern European union and a Southern European union. Or the euro – and even the European Union – would disintegrate as Germany turned its back on the project.
Is China's Electric Car a Pipe Dream?
Technologies electric car     May 17,2010
Statistics are incomplete but show that more than 40 domestic auto enterprises claim to have mastered pure electric car technology, apparently far outshining the industry in Japan and the United States.
Perfect Time for RMB/USD Rearrangement: Devaluation
Currency yuan;rmb;dollar;depreciation;appreciation;peg     May 23,2010
Since 2003, the greatest obstacle to RMB exchange rate reform has been the expectation of unilateral appreciation of RMB against the dollar. Now would be a perfect time to respond to the wrong expectation through the devaluation of RMB against the dollar.
Another Foxconn Suicide: Presaging the end of China's Growth Model?
Corporations foxconn;terry gou;suicide;hon hai     May 27,2010
Perhaps Time should recognize another group of Chinese workers as its annual figures-those who have committed suicide.
China, Largest US Creditor, Performing Due Diligence
Economy S&ED;Creditor;China-US;Sino-US     May 27,2010
While it continues to lend to the US, China is paying close attention to US spending and deficit reduction behavior and solvency. The Sino-US SED is a good mechanism for China to strengthen "due diligence" on the US.
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