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January 2011

Slump in Domestic New Orders and PMI Decline Respond to China's Anti-inflation Tightening
Economy PMI;tightening;inflation;slowdown     January 1,2011
The decline was mainly driven by a slump in domestic new orders, suggesting manufacturers might become more cautious amid the government's tightening measures in response to rising inflation.
15 Best China Stocks to Buy in the Year of Rabbit
Money & Investing China market, H share,Hong Kong Market     January 4,2011
The current uptrend in both investable China and China A-shares should persist in 2011, although gains are likely to be larger in 1H11.
No More Bank Lending Quota in China? A Dream Distant
Finance & Banking RRR;PBoC;lending quota;12th FYP     January 10,2011
Though Beijing may not explicitly announce a number, it will have to set the annual (or even monthly) loan quota for the banking system, and we think the core of "dynamic adjustment of differentiated RRR" is about how to allocate total lending quota among individual banks.
China's Strong Growth Momentum and Inflation Acceleration: Inadequate Upfront Tightening?
Economy inflation;growth;tightening     January 21,2011
The chief risk at the current juncture is inadequate upfront tightening, which would contribute to even higher inflation and trigger a potential panic, political campaign-style tightening later, in our view.
China's Investment Momentum:RMB 4 Trillion for Water Projects
Economy FAI;water project;China growth     January 31,2011
Beijing could adjust the pace of FAI in water projects to smooth the pace of economic growth.
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The Indian character posted above seems to be an absolute idiot. He want to travel through train and his dumb father telling him "its not...
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So what the fuss is all about! Let the Chinese do their own thing, after all they did not ask everybody to copy their development model.If they make...
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Now with the strong Euro things have changed but still the situation got worse for chinese exporters. Many small factories are closing down due to...
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