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February 2011

Chinese New Year Effect on Jan/Feb Macro Data
Economy PMI;Chinese New Year;CPI;PPI     February 1,2011
YoY CPI inflation in Jan may be distorted upwards as food prices usually rise prior to the CNY; YoY trade in Jan growth could also be partially lifted as traders would frontload their shipment before workers head home.
China Raise Interest Rates to Combat Inflation Expected to the New High
Economy inflation;rate hike;food prices     February 8,2011
China raised interest rates for the third time since mid-October ahead of a report forecast to show inflation accelerated to the fastest pace in 30 months.
The Dark Side of China's Lending Curb
Economy RRR;inflation;liquidity     February 18,2011
Despite the effectiveness in draining liquidity from banks, overly relying on RRR hikes could pose increasing risks to China's financial stability.
China's Lending Curb: An Indication to Harness Total Social Financing?
Economy RRR;inflation;lending curb;Total Social Financing     February 19,2011
According to the PBOC release, the share of RMB bank loans in total social financing declined to 55.6% in 2010 from 92% in 2002.
What China Can Learn from Jasmine Revolutions
Economy Jasmine Revolutions;Libya;Egypt     February 24,2011
The lesson for China is that growth is still the predominant priority for China because growth both creates jobs and narrows income inequality.
Huawei's Open Letter: US Government, Please Investigate Me on 3Leaf Deal
Corporations Huawei;3Leaf;Ren Zhengfei;Ken Hu     February 25,2011
We have faith in the fairness and justness of the United States and we believe the results of any thorough government investigation will prove that Huawei is a normal commercial institution and nothing more.
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