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March 2011

China Feb CPI inflation: 3.9%, 4.4% or Any Other Number?
Economy CPI,inflation     March 10,2011
We expect headline CPI inflation to rebound to around 5% in March, so be cautious from mid-March after being optimistic.
China New Loans in Feb: Slightly above RMB500bn
Finance & Banking PBoC;new loans     March 10,2011
It seems that the PBoC was doing a good job in reining in bank lending.
CBRC: Loan Growth Around 15-16% This Year
Finance & Banking CBRC;Basel III;new loans     March 10,2011
Current NPL ratio is only at 1.14% for Chinese banks, so the CBRC seems to expect a mild rise in NPL ratio.
China May Lower RRR for Certified County Banks in April
Finance & Banking RRR;CBRC;County banks     March 10,2011
It suggests that the PBoC is encouraging rural credit supply. It's more about micro than macro policy.
Daily Crude Steel Output Continued Climbing in Late Feb
Economy steel;business confidence     March 10,2011
Robust steel output suggests that business confidence in China is not much impacted by monetary tightening
China's Social Housing: 10mn Units to Cost RMB1.3-1.4tn in 2010
Real Estate social housing     March 10,2011
By doing so, China can at least can avoid slums, redistribute national wealth, provide freedom to move, stimulate demand when national savings is in massive surplus and bring about social stability.
About 89% of China's Urban Households Own Homes
Real Estate social housing     March 10,2011
That's why home demand (and commodity demand) will be elevated in coming years.
Labor Shortage Spreading: China Spends Big for Skilled Labor
Economy labor shortage;brain drain     March 10,2011
Domestic and multinational companies seeking to bolster staff as part of bold expansion plans in the Chinese market have sparked frenzied bidding to attract qualified personnel across a broad range of industries.
Chinese to Australia and New Zealand: Spend Money and Drink Milk
Current Review Chinese tourist     March 10,2011
What's scarce in China? Not just iron ore. Good air, blue sky, clean water and beautiful scenes after years of pollution…and food safety.
Gary Locke to Beijing: the Beginning of a G2 Honeymoon?
Current Review G2;Gary Locke     March 10,2011
Mr. Locke will become the first Chinese-American to be named to the ambassador's post in Beijing.
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