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May 2014

WH Foods IPO Debacle: A Sow's Ear Out Of A Silk Purse
Money & Investing WH IPO;Smithfield;Shuanghui; Wan Long     May 21,2014
The failure of the WH IPO shows that Chinese companies are still not ready for the world stage.
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The Indian character posted above seems to be an absolute idiot. He want to travel through train and his dumb father telling him "its not...
--Posted by kalia on
So what the fuss is all about! Let the Chinese do their own thing, after all they did not ask everybody to copy their development model.If they make...
--Posted by Matts on
Now with the strong Euro things have changed but still the situation got worse for chinese exporters. Many small factories are closing down due to...
--Posted by China import on
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