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Can China Have the Iranian Energy Cake and Eat It Too?
The underlying issue is China's need for energy. Blocking Chinese energy investment in one location simply drives it to look for opportunities elsewhere. Maybe the Unocal deal, in hindsight, should have gone through.
March 8th,2008
Sino-Vietnamese Energy Cooperation: Promises and Pitfalls
Coal has not only picked up the slump but also become the backbone of the Sino-Vietnamese energy cooperation. Electricity trade is the new entrant to the bilateral energy cooperation equation. Energy investment constitutes another mode of the bilateral energy cooperation. The warming up of the bilateral relationship between China and Vietnam, together with their deepening economic integration, has also created a fertile ground for their energy cooperation in the disputed Spratly Islands.
January 30th,2008
Energy: the era of $100 oil
What does China have to do with $100 oil?
A careful analysis suggests that Krugman either deliberately exaggerates China's impact on oil prices or unfortunately leaves out other important contributing factors.
January 8th,2008
Energy: oil market and security
Ending Oil Subsidies Serves China's Oil Security
State interventions in the forms of import or price controls constitute impediments to oil security. The oil market, if left unencumbered, can establish an equilibrium between supply and demand. The NDRC and MoF need to make up their minds to adopt measures promoting a well-functioning oil market rather than to introduce more distortions by showering subsidies on Sinopec and CNPC.
December 26th,2007
Energy: Ministry of Energy
Energy Policy Mess
Beijing should endorse the rationale, seize the opportunity, and reinstitute the long-awaited Ministry of Energy (MoE), abolished in 1993, to prepare for daunting energy challenges facing the country in the 21st century.
November 26th,2007