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Huawei's Open Letter: US Government, Please Investigate Me on 3Leaf Deal
We have faith in the fairness and justness of the United States and we believe the results of any thorough government investigation will prove that Huawei is a normal commercial institution and nothing more.
Huawei;3Leaf;Ren Zhengfei;Ken Hu February 25th,2011
Another Foxconn Suicide: Presaging the end of China's Growth Model?
Perhaps Time should recognize another group of Chinese workers as its annual figures-those who have committed suicide.
foxconn;terry gou;suicide;hon hai May 27th,2010
Shanda Literature to Sue Baidu over Piracy
Shanda Literature is making claims against popular Chinese search engine Baidu, saying that it is allowing the theft of its copyrighted content, and is to launch an infringement suit against it supported by Chinese writers and organizations for creative industries.
Shanda;Baidu;piracy December 19th,2009
GE Deeper into China Aspiration of Global Competition and Innovation
GE has reached cooperative agreements with the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AICC), Shenhua Group, and China South Locomotive & Rolling Stock Corporation (CSR) and the Ministry of Railways, involving infrastructure in aviation, energy and transportation.
November 20th,2009
SOE Corporate Governance: the Party Comes First
As more state-owned enterprises (SOEs) go abroad to acquire resources, assets, and other companies, and an increasing number of state-owned or state-held enterprises are listing in Hong Kong, New York, London, and Singapore, the corporate governance of these enterprises still remains distinctly a "Chinese characteristic," and the party dominates SOE corporate governance.
August 28th,2009
Shen Wenrong on Course to Become China's Mittal?
China's king of steel, Mr. Shen Wenrong, has taken his company, Shagang Group, onto the Fortune 500 list, the only private Chinese company so situated. He is already the richest person in China and his company is the third biggest steel company in the world's biggest steel market.
Shen Wenrong,Mittal,Shagang,Jiangsu Province July 13rd,2009
With Troubles at Home, Coke and Pepsi Turn to Herb Formula in China
The two have recently witnessed the boom of Wanglaoji Cool Tea, which originated from the south of China, and will undoubtedly choose herb as one new way of development.
July 1st,2009
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