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China Suspends Approvals for Nuclear Power Projects
Suspending approvals of new nuclear power projects won't affect the plan of 39GW by 2015 because about 28 nuclear power plans have been planned with a total capacity of 30Gw.
Japan quake;nuclear power March 17th,2011
China Will Continue Its Nuclear Power Plans Despite the Explosion in Japan
Nuclear only makes up 1% of China power output, way below Japan's 30%; and given China's vast territory, it might be easier to find places little affected by earthquakes.
earthquake,nuclear power March 14th,2011
Pipeline Investment Surge to Address China's Gas Shortage
As with the second line, Central Asia is the source of the third line. Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and other countries look to increase their gas supply to China, relying on natural gas to promote economic and social development while trying to get out from under Russia's economic control by actively seeking cooperation with China.
November 25th,2009
ENN-Duke Deal: China's Leading New Energy Tech Penetrates US Market
China hopes that Sino-US energy cooperation will lead to breakthroughs in four fields: new energy vehicles, energy-saving buildings, carbon capture and storage, and bio-energy.
October 26th,2009
China Criticizes US Carbon Tariff "Protectionism," Considers Domestic Carbon Tax Policy
If China has already levied a carbon tax on the product in its domestic market, other countries are not allowed to impose yet more tax.
September 24th,2009
China's New Energy Gold Rush Frothing, Or Not
The new energy industry in China has ridden a roller coaster over the past year.
September 23rd,2009
PetroChina Oil Sands Deal Highlights US Insecurities
On August 31, state-owned oil behemoth PetroChina announced a deal to acquire a 60% share in the MacKay River and Dover oil sands projects from Athabasca Oil Sands Corp. for C$1.9 billion ($1.7 billion). The deal, China's largest investment to date in Alberta's oil sands, encompasses 5 billion barrels of undeveloped bitumen reserves and will require C$15 billion to C$20 billion to develop.
PetroChina, oil sands September 7th,2009
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