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Tell You the Truth: the Big 5 Chinese Banks Still Need West Investment. Here is Why
The fact that the Chinese government is using cross border investment as a means of improving the performance of the country's five largest banks speaks volumes about the direction of future economic reforms.
Big 5;Chinese Banks; Reform; Corruption July 18th,2014
New Mortgage loans in Shanghai Dropped 63% YoY on Sluggish Home Sales
The third round of property tightening measures (with a focus on purchase restrictions nationwide) was quite effective, so we will see slumping transaction volumes and perhaps moderately falling home prices.
morgage;property tightening March 15th,2011
China May Lower RRR for Certified County Banks in April
It suggests that the PBoC is encouraging rural credit supply. It's more about micro than macro policy.
RRR;CBRC;County banks March 10th,2011
CBRC: Loan Growth Around 15-16% This Year
Current NPL ratio is only at 1.14% for Chinese banks, so the CBRC seems to expect a mild rise in NPL ratio.
CBRC;Basel III;new loans March 10th,2011
China New Loans in Feb: Slightly above RMB500bn
It seems that the PBoC was doing a good job in reining in bank lending.
PBoC;new loans March 10th,2011
No More Bank Lending Quota in China? A Dream Distant
Though Beijing may not explicitly announce a number, it will have to set the annual (or even monthly) loan quota for the banking system, and we think the core of "dynamic adjustment of differentiated RRR" is about how to allocate total lending quota among individual banks.
RRR;PBoC;lending quota;12th FYP January 10th,2011
Hong Kong: Renminbi Deposits Surge
Genuine expansion in the banking sector balance sheet via further development in the offshore Renminbi business.
renminbi;appreciation October 18th,2010
NPL Concerns and New Bank IPOs Drive 600 Billion Yuan Financing Rush
After China's the great leap in lending comes the inevitable great surge of refinancing. China's commercial banks, especially those that are very large and state-owned, are preparing for the rainy day of ever-accumulating non-performing loans (NPLs) by looking to raise 600 billion yuan from both the mainland and Hong Kong markets.
NPL;ABC;ICBC;CBRC March 31st,2010
US Mortgage Investors Push For Banks to Write Down Second Liens
A group of investors in mortgage-backed bonds dubbed the Mortgage Investors Coalition (MIC) recently submitted to Congress a plan to overhaul the refinancing of underwater borrowers by writing down the principal balances of both first and second mortgages.
mortgage;second lien;refinance March 10th,2010
ICBC London a Bridge between China's Cash and Major European Borrowers
"China's banks have money" is the catchphrase heard among many large companies in Europe and Africa. Recently, such firms are contacting the branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) in London to discuss consortium credits.
November 19th,2009
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