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Dir Sir, Congratulations! If you Google for your latest article "Nervous China may attack India by 2012", you will find more than 7,000 web pages!

We have been talking about "potential threat number one" for ten years since George Fernandes. Now you are telling us the real thing will happen within three years. The world is shocked! To make your argument more convincing, I would like to offer the following humble suggestions just for your kind reference:

1. Your article begins with a clear statement that "China will launch an attack on India before 2012". You should use this as the title of the article rather than "Nervous China may attack India by 2012". You know that to say something "may happen" is quite different from that to say "will happen". I believe you are confident, but you also need to show you are serious and responsible. And it would be much better if you explain in a few words why the attack is set exactly before 2012 but not, say, before 2015?

2. According to your article, the first of the "multiple reasons" for China to attack India is the Chinese economy has been deadly affected by the world recession, which "is creating an unprecedented internal social unrest in China". But the Chinese leadership has declared that China's GDP growth in 2009 will be at 8%. It is worse that many economists in the world are also saying that China's target of 8% growth can be achieved. You should tell the world in a clear way that they are lying.

3. The second reason is external and "appears to be equally dismal": "Obama's policies wisely denies Beijing's international strategic space". But US secretary of state Hillary Clinton has declared that US-China relations are the most important bilateral relationship in the 21st century. Madam is visiting India. You should tell her that we don't like such nonsense.

4. The third reason is "the growing irrelevance of Pakistan is increasing the Chinese nervousness" and "a sinking Pakistan will team up with China to teach India 'the final lesson'". We can do nothing about that. But you should emphasize that "our enemy's friend is our enemy" is an eternal truth.

5. Please don't talk too much about the Indian "Civil Administration (has been) ceding control of 40 per cent of the Union's territory to the Maoists and 10 percent to other insurgents". Otherwise the Chinese would say that you are doing the same to "divert attention from the brewing internal dissent".

6. Please don't say again that the Communists firmly believe that "Chinese race is far superior to Nazi Germany". Germany is our democratic friend in the West and she has done nothing wrong as far as Indo-China relations are concerned. Otherwise people would say you are crazy.

7. I salute you memory. Yes, more than 50 years ago, in the Cold War time, Chairman Mao did say that "the east-wind should prevail over the west-wind". But now you don't need to poorly change it into "the east-wind to at least prevail over the other east-wind, i.e., India". You might not be aware that the Chinese once named India as the Western Heaven.

Dear Sir, if you follow these suggestions and modify your article, you will make an explosion in the Internet. Your magazine "Indian Defence Review" will be the best seller of the year and your financial situation will be improved in a big way.

By the way, your article revealed a top secret that "the Chinese covertly ordered their other proxy, North Korea, to conduct underground nuclear tests and carry out trials of missiles". You should have informed an intelligence agency to make a big money before making it public. Best wishes, Your friend

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