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China's Forex Reserve Exposed to Huge Risk by Fed's Debt Purchase
We need the US government to guarantee the market value of its government debt, but Obama's promise is not trustworthy. The China Investment Corporation, China's sovereign wealth fund, should also conduct positive investment in global resources. China can partly offset the influence of USD depreciation and global inflation by diversifying its foreign exchange reserve.
March 24th,2009
China Promotes Issuance of IMF Bonds to Diversify Its Forex Assets
Besides promoting the IMF to take a stronger role in supervising and stabilizing international currency issues, China is also seeking a way to diversify and more securely operate its forex reserve assets, such as buying bonds issued by the IMF, instead of merely continuing to accumulate US national debt. This would be conducive not only to China's forex asset security, but also to the IMF exercising influence in the current financial crisis.
March 24th,2009
CIC and SAFE: Coordination or Bureaucratic Conflict?
Underlying the creation of the CIC was a long-running bureaucratic dispute between the Ministry of Finance (MOF) and the People's Bank of China (PBOC), China's central bank. SAFE's attempts to expand its own equity investments, clearly encroaching onto the CIC's turf, is likely more reflective of these bureaucratic conflicts than a coordinated government strategy for investing China's foreign exchange reserves.
June 24th,2008
Should China Inject Capital into IMF, and How Much?
Considering the nature of China's forex reserve, and its importance to China's economic security, China must be cautious in the use for fund injection into IMF.
March 31st,2009
Use China's Forex Reserve to Contain Vietnam's Financial Crisis
Most importantly, China will have shown the world that its foreign exchange reserve can be a crucial force for stability in global financial markets. It would also serve as an announcement that China is a ready and responsible player on the stage of the world's economy.
June 13rd,2008
Hot Money Flows Accelerate into China's Reserves
RMB appreciation slowed down a bit in April, but not so the flow of hot money into China.
June 1st,2008
PBoC's Gold Reserve Needs a Big Boost, Suggests an Expert
China's gold reserve accounts for only 1.6% of its total forex reserve even after its recent increase, still a very low percentage.
May 21st,2009
China's Opaque US Treasury Portfolio Serves for a Lousy Financial Times Analysis
Besides its central foreign exchange business center with four investment divisions in Beijing, China's State Administration of Foreign Exchange operates the SAFE Investment Company, Ltd., in Hong Kong, as well as trading rooms for direct investment in London, Singapore, and New York.
August 24th,2009