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China Promotes Issuance of IMF Bonds to Diversify Its Forex Assets
Besides promoting the IMF to take a stronger role in supervising and stabilizing international currency issues, China is also seeking a way to diversify and more securely operate its forex reserve assets, such as buying bonds issued by the IMF, instead of merely continuing to accumulate US national debt. This would be conducive not only to China's forex asset security, but also to the IMF exercising influence in the current financial crisis.
March 24th,2009
China Looking to the IMF as Alternative to USD
With the Fed having decided to pile into US government debt, and on the eve of G-20 summit in London, the People's Bank of China (PBoC) Governor Zhou Xiaochuan, along with the chief of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, has sent a deliberate message that China may seek an alternative to the US dollar as its forex reserve currency by cooperating with International Monetary Fund.
March 25th,2009
Zhou Xiaochuan's Vision: Imitating ECU and Empowering SDR
Zhou Xiaochuan clearly stated China's interests, that China's RMB should be included in SDR's currency basket, and that GDP should be a factor in deciding the currencies' percentage in the basket. China is making no secret of the fact it wants to gain more influence in the international monetary system.
March 26th,2009
He Who Has the Gold Makes the Rules
He has captured the attention of the world, especially the US stock market which does not know how far China will push on this white paper at the London G-20 meeting. Does he want to downgrade the US dollar from the international monetary system? Can he really have a reserve asset which is stable? Can he really have a flexible asset that can expand when needed without expanding too much? Can he really get other nations to walk away from "credit-based" national currencies as reserves?
March 31st,2009
The Zhou-Geithner Connection
The special relationship held by Zhou Xiaochuan, Governor of the People's Bank of China, former President of China Construction Bank and former Assistant Minister of Foreign Trade, with the Group of Thirty may hold important insights into China's rising role in international monetary affairs.
November 23rd,2008
Zhou Xiaochuan's Proposal and the Future of the RMB
It seems likely that the current international crisis will promote the international use of the RMB and accelerate movement toward full RMB convertibility. Once that has milestone has been reached, which could happen relatively soon - say 5-10 years - the main obstacle to the use of the RMB as an international reserve currency will have been removed. If by then no agreement has been reached on Zhou Xiaochuan's proposal for international monetary reform, or possible variants thereof, it is likely that we will see the spontaneous emergence of the RMB as a reserve currency, but that would also require – in addition to full convertibility – substantial further development of China's domestic capital markets.
April 10th,2009
Zhou Xiaochuan: China Expect to Increase Its IMF Voting Power in 2011
May 15th,2009
Are There Advantages to Governor Zhou Xiaochuan's Dollar-Peg Exit?
Perhaps, what Governor Zhou is really saying is that China's policy needs to shift from favoring an increase in its foreign exchange reserves to increasing the purchasing power of it currency.
yuan appreciation;Zhou Xiaochuan;PBOC;peg March 10th,2010
Zhou Xiaochuan Hints Robust Growth and Rate Hike
Zhou Xiaochuan, the PBoC governor, just said interest rate is an important policy tool which needs to be highlighted.
Zhou Xiaochuan;rate hike March 11st,2011