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China Set to Subsidize Fuel-Efficient Vehicles
China may soon launch a national subsidy plan for new energy cars to promote development of the domestic new energy car industry. Vice-Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei says China is seriously considering granting subsidies to new energy car buyers, to be paid by the central government. This would be a long-term policy.
March 13rd,2009
Foxconn's Kuo Assaults BYD, Buffet's Investment
Wang Chuanfu still has a long way to go before BYD will be able to catch Foxconn in the IT area, and Foxconn is growing rapidly.
May 5th,2009
Warren Buffet's 500% Return from BYD: The Show Just Begun?
"MidAmerican Energy has been looking to add to its BYD shares, optimistic as it is about BYD's prospects in the development of new energy, and we are now considering this issue," says Wang Chuanfu, founder and chairman of BYD.
September 1st,2009
Geely, Chery and BYD Copycatting at the Shanghai Auto Show
People gathered around a car in the Geely show space, trying to spot the differences between the car displayed there and a Rolls-Royce.
April 24th,2009