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SASAC Cracks Down on Speculative Derivatives Deals by SOEs
SASAC requires that central SOEs' hedging transactions must be simple derivatives, closely related to their main business, and must meet accounting requirements for the treatment of hedging. Meanwhile, drawing a lesson from earlier SOE financial fiascos due to lack of knowledge or experience in complicated derivative transactions, SASAC is banning central SOEs from conducting any complicated transaction without clear risk and price.
March 25th,2009
SOE Corporate Governance: the Party Comes First
As more state-owned enterprises (SOEs) go abroad to acquire resources, assets, and other companies, and an increasing number of state-owned or state-held enterprises are listing in Hong Kong, New York, London, and Singapore, the corporate governance of these enterprises still remains distinctly a "Chinese characteristic," and the party dominates SOE corporate governance.
August 28th,2009
China's Distorted Economy: SOEs Crowd out Private Enterprise
China's private enterprises are, in aggregate, much more efficient than its SOEs.
September 1st,2009
China Fad: Cash Rich SOEs Swallowing, Reorganizing, and Allying with Private Companies
Chinese state-owned enterprises (SOEs) are flush with cash, thanks to stimulus policy capital and the banks' profligate lending, and they have been snatching up, "reorganizing," smaller private firms that have not been the beneficiaries of the government's largesse, particularly in the fields of iron and steel, coal, and energy.
September 8th,2009
Government Involves Itself in SOE Fuel Derivative Defaults
"To defend the security of state-owned assets, SASAC is undertaking investigation of oil structural option transactions, and it supports enterprises to resort to legal means, minimize losses and protect their interests through negotiations, consultations, and position management, and retain the rights to take further legal action."
September 8th,2009
Cash Rich SOEs Pushing Real Estate Bubble Ever Higher
September 11st,2009
Local Governments Swarming Beijing for SOE Investment
Local governments in China are finding it increasingly difficult to attract foreign investment, and with private enterprises being crowded out, they have turned their attention to the currently flush state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and are swarming into Beijing in order to connect up with them.
September 21st,2009
SOEs Reaping Fine Overseas Investment Profits
Overseas M&A has become an important strategy for China's enterprises to maintain sustained rapid development as well as gain technology, market, and other resources.
October 27th,2009