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Most China Profits Still Falling on Eve of London Meeting
China's private economy is still showing profit growth despite the economic slowing, demonstrating its resilience, while state-owned enterprises and foreign invested companies has seen profits fall by almost 60% and 40%, respectively, since the beginning of this year.
March 27th,2009
NDRC Official: China's Economy Has Yet to Bottom
The National Development and Reform Commission has launched stimulus plans for ten industries, but many believe this will only lead to new production surpluses.
May 8th,2009
China's Recovery Losing Steam with Exports Still Slowing
Still, for domestic demand-led firms, inventory surpluses and excess capacity have yet to be dealt with, and rebound instability in the tangible economy is inevitable.
May 15th,2009
CPI and PPI Drops Continue: Real Economy Lukewarm While Assets Bubble
If energy prices rise, China's CPI may recover to the long-term average level before GDP does. Without the support of the real economy, rapid asset price increases will end up in a bubble, causing serious hurt to the real economy in an economic rebound.
June 11st,2009
Krugman: Dollar Depreciation May Cause China's US Asset Losses to Add Up
April 15th,2009
China's 2009 First Half Performance: Accelerating Recovery
That the Chinese economy has halted its fall, due in great part to the government's massive stimulus policies, and is now on the rebound seems to be the market consensus.
stimulus plan,recovery,china,chinese economy,GDP July 8th,2009
China Risks Second Contraction, Deflation, and Bursting Bubbles
We believe that the Chinese economy has bottomed out but has yet to rebound. In the near future, risks for the economy may come from two directions: deflation, and the collapse of asset bubbles. Inflation or stagflation risks do not loom.
August 18th,2009
China Isn't Ready to Abandon Stimulus Policy
China has joined the consensus reached at the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting in London for maintaining financial support and expansionary monetary policy.
September 7th,2009
Autos and Real Estate Drive Strong Q3 Growth, Better Profit Prospects in Q4
September 14th,2009
A High Price Will Be Paid for the New Economic Imbalances the Stimulus Creates
FDI in China has continuously declined over the past year, while the market dominance by and protection of SOEs are strengthening. With less dependence on international markets and foreign capital, China is feeding an illusory sense of superiority, ignoring the true challenges it faces in a rush to return to an old and failed system.
September 15th,2009