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Commodity Price Rebound Puts Chinalco-Rio Deal in Doubt
If Rio's share price continues to climb, it will dilute the premium advantage of Chinalco's convertible bonds. If the premium is diluted much further, more Rio Tinto shareholders may turn against the plan.
May 19th,2009
China's Steelmakers: Rio-Nippon Ore Price Deal Not Acceptable
Unfortunately for Rio, even a price cut of this size will not be enough to satisfy Chinese steel markers, with an annual production of about three times the Japanese.
May 27th,2009
Iron Ore Miners Seize on Signs of China's Economic Recovery
The constantly released signals of economic rebound in China are doing no good to CISA's negotiating stance.
May 27th,2009
China Steel Makers Caught in "Conspiracy" of Australian Iron Ore Miners
Chinese negotiators acknowledge that their refusal of the Japanese "starting price" will bring pressure on Chinese steelmakers, but believe that the ore sellers will be impacted even more.
June 5th,2009
Chinalco Drops the (Iron) Ball
Now, the great saga of China's effort to prevent an "conspiracy" of iron ore miners is virtually over.
June 6th,2009
Iron Ore Price Hikes Will Force China's "Going Out"
China, the world's largest steel producer, consumer and exporter, as well as iron ore importer, will have to accept at least the 65% boost in the price of iron-ore reached between major steel producers in Japan and elsewhere and the behemoths that control iron-ore production.
February 22nd,2008
More Shots Fired in Chinalco-Rio Spat
In a surprise move, China's Ministry of Commerce announced that it has regulatory authority over the proposed iron ore joint venture between Australian miners Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton.
June 13rd,2009
China Steelmakers Resisting BHP/Rio Dominance, Reaching Out to Diversify Ore Sources
With the emergence of the "European price," Chinese steel markers are now completely isolated in the annual iron ore negotiation. Meanwhile Chinese steel makers are threatening to cut imports from Australian miners BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto and diversify their sources of iron ore supply.
June 23rd,2009
Chinalco to Maintain Its Rio Stake in Rights Offering
To maintain its present Rio stake of 9.3%, Chinalco will have to spend about $1.4136 billion for the additional offering.
July 3rd,2009
Rio Tinto China Staff Arrested as Iron Ore Haggling Continues
The timing of the arrests was nothing if not suspicious. China is the only major iron ore importer which has not signed a contract for iron ore supplies. The world's business community will be watching this case great attention and concern.
July 12nd,2009